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For a time the eight children of Thylea and Kentimane lived quiet and contented lives, sheltered on the islands spawned from the body of their mother. But, in time,contentment became loneliness. They were gods, but they had no purpose. Talieus The First, the God of Crafting, first born of the siblings, gathered his younger brothers and sisters together and proposed they create races of mortal creatures to worship and revere them. He would help each of them to create something of their own. Of all the Titans, only Sydon and Lutheria, his youngest siblings, refused: they were united by the powerful bond, and did not feel the empty loneliness of their kin. The other Titans created Centaurs, satyrs and nymphs, who quickly spread to populate the islands. Yala The First strove for beauty and grace and made the Nymphs. Chalcia The First strove for freedom and speed and made the Sirens. Goloron The First strove for wisdom in all things and created the Satyrs. It was not clear what Versi The First strove for but in the she created the Centaurs. Hergeron The First created the Cyclopses and Gygan, great giants capable of moving earth and stone to build massive temples in honor of Talieus The First and the others who had given them life.

Sydon and Lutheria regarded these new mortal races with contempt. They became bitter and resentful, and isolated themselves on the last uninhabited island of Thylea, where their hatred festered. Until one day. Lutheria approached Talieus, claiming she and her twin had grown weary of their solitude. Offering praise and flattery, she urged him to create a new race, one greater than all the others, to dwell on her island. Weakened by his sister’s adulation, Talieus did as he was bade and the Ismeretlen were born. They quickly spread out from their isolated home, overwhelming and conquering the native species on nearby islands. The other Titans condemned Talieusfor creating such aggressive and dangerous creatures. Talieus, burning with parental pride, refused act against his newest children. It fell to Sydon, the God of Storms, to halt the Ismeretlen’ advance. As they piled into their ships, he unleashed the fury of the sea, dashing their vessels to smithereens with howling winds, drowning them beneath the waves. Even Sydon could not halt their advance forever. The other Titans, fearful the Ismeretlen would continue to spread, begged their father for help. Moved by the fears of his children, Kentimane used his hundred hands to gather all the Ismeretlen onto a single island. Calling on the strength of Thylea herself, he bound them there with powerful magic so they could never leave and removed the island from Thylea itself.

As punishment for his foolishness and pride, Kentimane stripped Talieus of his power and gave it to Sydon. Using his older brother’s former power against him, Sydon bound Talieus The First and presented him to his sister and now wife as a gift. Lutheria took no pity on her helpless elder brother. She blinded the mighty Titan and sewed his lips shut, so he could never tell the others the truth of his downfall. Then she bound his power to her crystal scythe and forced him to wander eternally in the Nether Sea, dragging her throne-ship across the waves behind him by a great chain strapped around his neck. Seeing Talieus’ fate, the other Titans were horrified. Together they began plotting revenge against the twins, but Lutheria and Sydon were ready for them.

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