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Deep in the Ardeep Forest is a ring of ancient trees intertwined with dense, thorny thickets and poisonous plants. Dryads and Treants guard this place, but they are wary of any who approach, even allies, and caution must always be taken to appease their fickle nature.

Inside the grove, itself is a place of eternal summer, warm and comfortable, with a slight cooling breeze. Dominating the grove is not an altar but a standing circle of stones - one of the many Places of Power that druids recognize and use to keep the earth healthy and renewed. In the center of these stones you see a giant statue of an of an archdruid Vassorum, who is now known to the party as the Giant Elk spirit, a chosen of the goddes Ehlonna.


When the party initially encountered the Circle of Dryads  the place was overrun with corruption. Many plants and trees in the area had died and the remaining dryads and treants were driven mad. The Headhunters cleansed this place when they Visited the Shrine of Vassorum.

Vassorum is now still guarding the Hanbalani Altas which he surmised to be able to keep up for at maximum 2-3 months.

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Attack 3
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Summary of Events Thay
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Arrival Silverymoon
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Raided Frost Giants
Clawness 9 hónapja

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