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2,000 years after the Dragon’s Bane’s failure.“I live in a world of fire and sand. The crimson sun scorches the life from anything that crawls or flies, and storms of sand scour the foliage from the barren ground. This is a land of blood and dust, where tribes of feral elves sweep out of the salt plains to plunder lonely caravans, mysterious singing winds call travelers to slow suffocation in the Sea of Silt, and selfish Dragon kings squander their subjects’ lives building gaudy palaces and garish tombs. This bleak wasteland is Faerûn, and it is my home.” — The Wanderer’s JournalFaerûn is now a hot, arid planet covered with endless seas of dunes, lifeless salt flats, stony wastes, rocky badlands, thorny scrublands, and worse. F ...

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Player Character List

Ajikis Ixen
kiaiweidemann 7 hónapja
kiaiweidemann 8 hónapja
kiaiweidemann 8 hónapja
Lord Vashir Tenewrath "Mar’iya"
kiaiweidemann 7 hónapja
Oni Dai
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Raam: (based on ancient Indian and Egyptian culture, use to be Luskan, Black)

  • The Great Vizier Abalach-Re claims to be the emissary of a higher power known as Badna
  • Over the centuries, Badna is the name that gave the black head of Tiamat
  • Abalach-Re assures citizens that Badna watches her closely and will strike her down if she falters in her duties, but few believe her.
  • Almost no citizens of Raam actually respect their Sorcerer Queen, and there is open talk of rebellion in the streets
  • Templars of Raam almost never travel alone, lest they are murdered in the streets
  • Raam culture consists of a rigid caste system
  • While it was once an economic powerhouse, and still remains the largest city-state on the tablelands, Raam’s infrastructure has fallen almost completely apart due to the indifference of Abalach-Re who prefers to take pleasure in whatever strikes her fancy rather than rule her city.
  • Crime runs rampant in the streets without the presence of templars to maintain order.
  • Abalach-Re has born hundreds of illegitimate children over the 30 or so generations that she has ruled Raam. Known as the Offspring, many of her children have exhibited unusual psionic and arcane talents.

The Royal Houses of Raam

The nobles of Raam are little more than warlords constantly fighting against each other and jockeying for position in the inevitable revolution. The house names are:
  • Gardiward
    • Head of household: Her Ladyship Meshah Gardiward
    • Husband of Meshah: Hurum Gardiward
    • Their two children - Child 1: Zevi (16y ) - Child 2: Ardeid (3yo)
  • Knapmer
  • Augustbow
  • Cliffster
    • The guildhall for the Sandvoyages is here
    • Lady Sabrina is the head of the house now after her husband was killed. She is known for throwing a big birthday party
    • Richeut is a guard and likely the head guard now
  • Whithall
    • The Flying Guard is run from this house
    • The House Mage: Agis, The Sachem
    • Badnik – the cook for the “Flying Guard”
    • Pakku – Novice to the Flying Guard Pakku
    • Sandini – Commander to the Flying Guard Commander Sandini
Rumors: Stay away from the ruins of Yaramuke. Hamanu of Urik used such foul magics to destroy it that the entire area, including the fresh water springs that flow from within are all poisonous

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