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Player Character List

Ajikis Ixen
kiaiweidemann 9 hónapja
kiaiweidemann 11 hónapja
kiaiweidemann 11 hónapja
Lord Vashir Tenewrath "Mar’iya"
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Oni Dai
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I tell people that I hate the sun, this isn’t true it’s just the easiest explanation. The truth is the sun hates me. It’s my oldest memory, it’s hatred glaring down at me. I don’t have any other memories of outside these sewers and tunnels, not even memories of my childhood. All I know is that my name is Ajikis Ixen and I’m a guardian of life, the little that is left. These tunnels are the home of the cities forgotten and abused and they are my charge. To the fungus that clings to the walls to the urchins and pickpockets who feed off the city’s scraps, I’m their caretaker. When the dark sun sets I take the shapes of beasts and take to the city streets disguised as a common pest, to gather food and water if I can. I never stay out too long. Less I will be left out in the open in the sun. I don’t know what will happen if I’m in the light of the sun. I don’t want to know. Even when I stare at the little sunlight that reaches the sewers, I can feel the hatred emanate from its light as if her draconic red wished nothing more for my death. As long as the dark sun sails the sky, I cannot leave the under ground, that was intel the second dawn…

Gulg: (based on The Oasis of the White Palm Green)
  • Symbayans, the Weyog, or forest goddess is the only ruler of a city state who enjoys the popular support of her people
  • Gulg lies at the southern end of the Crescent Forest
  • Nearly everything in Gulg is made from Agafari wood, even the houses are carved out of the very trees
  • Symbayans controls all economic activity within Gulg directly, taking all the food produced and distributing it amongst her people. Merchants from outside the city can trade with the city state, but it is forbidden to trade with the citizens themselves.
  • Citizens of Gulg also have the right to appeal directly to Sheik Kassim Arslan for an audience if they need a matter resolved.
  • Gulg’s city wall is a magically infused hedge of thorny brambles that actively seek out the flesh of those who try to penetrate it.

Rumor: If not for the power of the Weyog and her Judagas (warriors), Nibenay would likely have destroyed or taken Gulg over long ago.

Map Locations

  • H3 – The Sheik’s Tent: This is where we met the Sheik and his two sons.
    • Sheik Kassim Arslan – Leader of the Symbayans
    • Hassan Arslan: Sheik’s Firstborn Son
    • Korus EikothL Sheils’s Second Son
  • H6 – burned tent: we did not investigate it
  • H8 – The statue: there is a trapdoor under the statue. It seems to be a side entrance to the underground areas. We have entered it. The statue is of some short ancient person. the head has be been removed as if a super sharp sword removed it. It looks like it was removed a few months ago.
  • H9 – The Great White Palm: this is a great white palm that gives its name to the Oasis. It is white in color and much larger than any other palm.
  • H10 – Warehouse and Bazaar: This is the heart of the oasis. We know about a trapdoor in the center of the warehouse that leads to some underground are or temple.