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Roadmap May 2020
Roadmap May 2020
svibanj 4, 2020
2.5 Year Review
2.5 Year Review
travanj 21, 2020

Version 0.20.1

Version 0.20.1

travanj 8, 2019


  • Location Maps: A map can now be set to private, only visible from members of the campaign's Admin role. The UI has been improved to make it clearer for new users tha maps are a thing.
  • Maps: Added two new sizes (tiny and huge), as well as changed some of the editing map points UI to easier and clearer to use.
  • Entity Notes: Renamed the tab from "Notes" to "Entity Notes" to avoid countless confusion, and added a new "only for me" privacy option. This replaces the old "is private" checkbox and adds a "self" option which will only be visible to the user who created the entity note. Self entity notes aren't visible to admins usurping other campaign members.
  • Dashboard Widget: The Recent widget includes the entity type if it's not set to all.
  • Calendars: Possible to set the calendar's date by clicking on a new "Set as current day" button in the calendar's view.

Bug Fixes

  • Character Personality: A bug slipped in again making personality traits visible when they shouldn't have. A user who can edit a character, but isn't part of the campaign's Admin role, is no longer allowed to manage the character's traits to avoid similar issues in the future.
  • Quests, Organisations, Families: It is no longer possible to set the entity as it's own parent, causing it to not show when in Nested mode.
  • API docs: Fixed various end points, most importantly properly documenting that the campaign prefix must be plural 'api/1.0/campaigns/{id}'.

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