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Boston is one of the concentrations of American power in the modern age of urbanization. To it’s unenlightened inhabitants, the city is as any other. It has history and culture. It has a few happy people, and a lot of working people. It’s beautiful, especially in Autumn. It’s a cesspit of American hypocrisy and human misery. To those wide awake and aware, Boston is a ripening, almost rotting, cornucopia.

The powers that be, the Caestern Dynasty, have all but abandoned active management of the city. The grinding bureaucracy they established in casting down it’s previous rulers still churns away, barely keeping the city from falling apart. Blind to new tricks and innovative criminals, the Caestern Dynasty’s grip on the city wanes. Niches, unthinkable a century ago, have formed. High technology is dangerous in the hands of mortals. Supernaturals with computers threaten the stability of ancient power structures and the stability of the planet. Pair these bright new stars with apathetic authorities and watch the world slowly unravel.

Created by FunzoSuruali prije 1 godinu. Last modified by FunzoSuruali prije 11 mjeseci

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