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  1. Bilješke

Setting Notes: Technology




Muzzle-Loaded guns are widely distributed but no longer produced, in favour of more advanced breach-loaded guns. In both of these cases, these guns hold 1 bullet per barrel before needing to reload.

Cutting Edge Gun Technology is a Double-Action Breach Loader. Basically a Gun with a revolver barrel where there's one lever to turn the barrel and a second to fire the bullet.


Trains and steam ships are a thing, but the best that most people have access to is horse power.

Bicycle power exists as a way to travel that's more accessible than owning a horse.

There are stories of "Mechanical Horses" and "Automatic Carriages" from Europe, but if these things exist then they haven't yet made their way to Boston.


Indoor Plumbing has been invented, but that doesn't mean it's a thing for the common people. We'll not be lingering on the implications of this, but something to keep in mind if you ever need quick access to drinkable water.

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