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On Tone

I am not one for grim dark content. The world this game takes place in is certainly a dark one. Vampires openly rule a 3rd of the world and the players have been thrown out of time and straight into a blizzard. Bad things will happen and I will encourage my players to participate in those bad things.

However, just because the characters within the game are having a shit time does not mean that the players are. I am fully one to embrace the camp and dark comedy of the setting. Serious things will happen, but don't always expect me to present them in a serious manner, and hopefully we can all have a good laugh when you inevitably murder someone because you over-complicated opening an unlocked door.

On Combat

Do not expect a large amount of combat in this game. Some will occur, but it will by no means be the focus of things. My approach to this game is to create a scenario with a puzzle that the players need to solve and few expectations as to how you will do so. Combat will always be a solution to that puzzle, but generally not the best one, coming with consequences and risks beyond the fight itself. Often it will be the failure state, both threat and guarantee that you can always progress, even when all other ideas have failed.

When combat does occur, one side will generally outmatch the other, and there will usually be some objective present other than killing all of the people. Sometimes running is better.

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