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Special Rule

  • At least half of all players must be playing the same splat.
  • The A-Plot will be the same regardless, but the B- and C-Plots will vary based on party composition.

Allowed (Unlimited)

  • Newly Awakened Mage
  • Changeling

Allowed (Max 1 Total)

  • Vampire
  • Hunter (I don't own the book. Also a Hunter Squad will not be provided)

Not Allowed

  • Mummy
  • Promethean
  • Sin-eater
  • Demon
  • Deviant
  • Beast

Created by Kaosubaloo prije 4 mjeseca. Last modified by Kaosubaloo prije 3 tjedna

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Boosted feature

Click on the entity's image to set it's focus point instead of using the automated guess.

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