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You are in Boston, early 1821. The city is ruled by Viscount Talbot of the British Empire, which successfully put down the American Revolution.

You originally came from a future date, in a reality where the American Revolution was successful. You do not know how you came to be here, or how time came to change, but you do know you're not the only one who has experienced this. You may suspect that your being here is related to the event which lead you to becoming supernatural, such as a Mage Awakening or a Changeling escaping Acadia.

You have met each of the other players in this Boston and have rented out the cellar of the Slaughtered Lamb, an Irish pub. You have been in this time and place for between a few days and a few weeks, and you have yet to experience a day where the late winter weather has not been truly awful. Blizzards of wet, soggy snow plaguing the city.

Short Term Questions to answer:

  • Learn more about the politics of the city
  • Figure out how to feed, clothe and shelter yourself
  • Make contact with local supernatural populations

Created by Kaosubaloo prije 4 mjeseca. Last modified by Kaosubaloo prije 2 tjedna

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