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Citadel Boston

The personal estates of Viscount Talbot of Boston. The complex is titled a citadel and while it's exterior certainly looks the part, the interior is expansive, containing not only the city barracks but also the Viscounts manor and a number of ancillary governing buildings. The Citadel employs a large number people and entering its grounds is easy, but getting out of sight while within it is hard. Entering the Citadel also carries the risk of becoming blood bound or fed upon by an idle Vampire.

  • Boston's Court
  • Promethean Barracks
  • Viscount's Mansion


Located beside Citadel Boston, the commons appear to be a dense if young forest which none the less leaves clear sight lines from the citadel to the water front. In actuality the entire space was replanted 30 years ago to the Viscount's specification. It is now his own personal hunting ground, into which wild animals are imported and released to be hunted for sport. The grounds are not barred to the public and anyone who wants to enter them may do so without consequence. However, they are also dangerous to wander. The deeper parts of the commons are maze-like and it is easy to get close within them, while the Viscount's hunt masters ensure the woods remain well supplied with dangerous animals.

1st Ward

  • Slaughtered Lamb Pub

2nd Ward

  • Commercial Harbour

3rd Ward

  • Boston Cathedral (Former)
  • Boston Mass

4th Ward

  • Royal Harbour AKA Long Warf

5th Ward

  • Hospital

6th Ward

  • Lower Courthouse

8th Ward

  • Commercial Harbour

9th Ward

  • Changeling Freehold

10th Ward

  • Trainyard

11th Ward

  • Boston College

12th Ward

This is part of South Boston. It exists. It's there. Please Ignore it for the purpose of this game

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