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Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors

Probably the most uniquely guild in Waterdeep, members of the Watchful Order form a more or less sociable association in the city, working together to keep an eye on any spellcasters who opt not to join their guild. This guild protects the less-powerful wizards (and novices to the Art) of Waterdeep, and attempts to regulate arcane spellcasters in the city. Not all members need be spellcasters and there are no testing or licensing requirements for the various guild ranks, other than spellcasting ability and seniority.

The Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors is a guild of arcanists that was formed in Waterdeep over a century ago. The Order polices the use of magic within the city, encouraging arcane spellcasters to use magic wisely and for the common good rather than selfish pursuits. It also pledges to defend the city with its magic in times of need. Historically, this includes maintaining warding spells in certain sensitive areas, summoning water elementals to fight fires, and using their powerful spells to defend the city in time of war.

Arcane spellcasters living in the city are required to register with the Order. Failure to register results in the spellcaster being denied access to magical resources such as sages and libraries. Resident wizards of some renown (4th level or higher) who do not register will be visited by a New Member Committee delegation consisting of a trio of archmages who inquire cordially as to why the wizard has forgotten to join.

Visiting wizards are permitted to refrain from joining, provided they adhere to the following guidelines:

  • They must not take up lengthy or permanent residence in the city.
  • They must restrict themselves to casting spells on themselves and their close friends free of charge and behind closed doors.
  • They must not sell scrolls, spell components, or cast spells for payment, except to the Order.
  • They must not hurl spells in the public streets, including the Undercliff, though the Order turns a blind eye to such activities in Skullport Skullport and Undermountain.


Membership provides many perks, such as a venue for trading, selling, and purchasing spells, spell components, and certain consumable magic items such as spell scrolls. Additionally, the Order protects less-powerful wizards, sorcerers, and novices to the art within the city, giving them a voice in how the Weave is manipulated in the city's bounds and providing organized, structured training for novices rather than individual apprenticeships with often-exploitative archmages. Members can be assured when they make transactions with other members, whether for spell components, training, or magic items, that they are not dealing with a charlatan.

Upon becoming a full member of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors, an arcanist is entitled to vote on issues before the entire membership, use the order's library and workrooms (though access to these facilities is not assured), and replenish material components at cost.

Membership in the Order incurs the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Monthly membership dues of 25 gp, payable up to 1 year in advance
  • Obedience to the rulings of the guild masters
  • Aid to other members in time of need. This normally means aiding other order members who are in danger, but can mean aiding them in their other endeavors as well.
  • Defense of the city of Waterdeep when called upon by the Masters or legitimate authorities of the Waterdhavian government
  • Devotion of personal time and energy to the Order
Each quarter, a member must spend ten days working directly for the Order in some capacity. This can mean anything from working with the City Guard, taking a turn as city fire watch, creating magic items for the Order's collection, copying spells in the Tower's library, performing administrative duties, serving as an arcane guardian for a private client, and so on.

Some members in fact make a career out of protecting the city and its citizens from dangers. From serving as a fireguard in a warehouse full of valuables, to service as a spellguard for a noble, wealthy merchant, or visiting dignitary, a member can earn up to 15 dragons per night of service.

Additionally, members of the Order can find employ as Watch Wizards of the City Watch.

Watch Wizards pride themselves on bringing in their quarry alive and unharmed to suffer the full majesty of the law. It is a fundamental tenet of the Watch Wizards that they do not slay lawbreakers, however easy it might be to do so in order to effect a capture.

Over the years, the Order has created or acquired a collection of nonlethal spells useful for detaining criminals inside the city without causing damage to property and innocent bystanders. Order members who volunteer as spellguards are given this book on loan to copy, so they can add the unique spells herein to their spellbooks. It is otherwise kept in the Tower of the Order.



Open to both spellcasters and noncasters, benefits include:

  • Working duty as either a city guard or fire-fighter, which pays 9 gp per workweek of downtime spent working (net of guild fees).
  • Direct and immediate assistance through Waterdeep’s legal system if the member finds itself in trouble for whatever reason.


Open only to spellcasters who have been with the guild for at least one year, benefits include:

  • 10 percent discount on most spell components.
  • 10 percent discount on all spell scrolls of 2nd level and below (limited to five per month). Anyone caught reselling discounted scrolls will have this benefit removed.
  • Tutelage under a master, allowing the member to add one spell of choice (2nd level or below) to his/her spellbook or ritual book, with no cost or time requirement.


Master rank is only available to casters of 5th and above, and the character must have been a guild member for at least two years. Benefits include:

  • 10 percent discount on all spell scrolls of 3rd level and above (limited to five per month). Anyone caught reselling discounted scrolls will have this benefit removed.
  • Free, secure storage of a backup spellbook or ritual book.

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