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"Alchemist (4c). xxx
Alchemist and Apothecary
This cramped shop is open to the street. Racks of strange spices and desiccated animal parts line the walls, as a glass alembic bubbles away in the back, strange purple stream rising out into the street.
A hunch-backed tiefling woman grinds ingredients in an obsidian mortar. Without looking up from her work, she speaks to you in a reedy voice “feeling sick my friends? Come within, let Timminara see you, let Timminara treat you.”

Timminara is a wizened female Tiefling, who has lived in the Trade Ward for nearly sixty years. Her small apothecary has become a cornerstone of the local area.
She specializes in treatments for various diseases. She isn’t a healer herself, but provides potions for common ailments, and is often called on by local temples and other houses of healing.

Timminara’s Stock
Potion Type Price
Potion of Healing 50gp
Potion of Cure Disease (Cackle
Potion of Cure Disease (Sewer
Potion of Water Breathing 250gp
Potion of Resist Disease 150gp

Potion of Cure Disease
Potion, Minor, Uncommon, 50gp
Each Potion of Cure Disease is brewed for a single disease. When you drink this potion, you are immediately cured of the specified ailment.
More exotic diseases will be more rare and costly. The price provided here is for common diseases within your setting.

Potion of Disease Resistance
Potion, Minor, Uncommon, 100gp
When you drink this potion, for the next 24 hours, you have advantage on Saving Throws made to resist, or as a result of, diseases.

Wagonrace, The Caravans, Trades Ward"

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