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Phalantar's Philtres & Components

The odor of exotic spices wafts out onto the street whenever the circular door to this shop is opened. Inside is a wonderland of dried branches, firmly stoppered jars, and interesting-looking shells, skulls, baskets of bones, and labeled drawers.

Here, one can buy medicines, herbs, and rare substances used in the making of perfumes, scented oils, poisons, and as material components in the casting of spells. Though the herbs aren't the freshest, Phalantar's offers an almost unparalleled selection of spell components outside of the Tower of the Order , and never asks questions about why one might want deadly nightshade or baatezu blood.

Theft is discouraged by the  dust-covered, immobile stone form of a man, face eternally frozen in a look of fear, whos propped, arms spread and in a frantic running position, against a wall inside the door. Rumour holds that the shop is guarded not only with dust of petrification, but with traps that release various paralyzing and sleep-inducing gases.

It's also said that if a customer asks quietly and isn't known to have any connections to the City Watch, City Guard, or the Watchful Order of Magists & Protectors, the owner will sell spell scrolls and any minor magic items he has on hand.

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