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Sozolan was on the verge of death when she reached the gates of her now hometown Hearthler. A friendly merchant saw that young woman collapsed on the ground and took her in. She is a curious young thing and likes to poke her nose in anything that even remotely interests her. That merchant took her and taught her, how to build things to help people out and make a decent profit with those inventions.


Sozolan grew up in a happy family home. She has three older sisters and a younger brother. Her parents tried really hard to make it work with five kids, but some sacrifices had to be made. So she, as an avid reader, only got new books for her birthday. And since she grew up in a village, that only a few merchants if at all, visit per year, supply was scarce. So as soon as she was old enough to travel the world without her mother being worried sick every second, she packed her most important belongings into a backpack, said goodbye to her family and followed the streets out of her home.

She never left home, so at times she was really lost. Glad her mother packed her more than enough food, she merrily continued on her way. She wanted to visit the capital! That big city must have so many books! So much knowledge! So many new things to learn! And with all that curiosity building up she wandered, and wandered, and wandered. But as a young girl, without having so much as worrying about what book to read, she did not really pay attention to her rations running out. She started panicking, not knowing where exactly she was and how far it was until she would find the city, she sat down besides the street and tried to calm herself. To no avail. And she just decided to follow the street further.

She does not remember a lot after that. She just continued her way, slightly panicked but still determined, until she could not walk anymore. Was it dehydration or simple exhaustion, she does not know. The one thing she knows was waking up in the bed of a stranger. That stranger was an influential merchant from the city of Hearthler with the name of Beren Dreyarch. A human, versatile in the art of trading and a true connoisseur of a keen mind. He found the girl collapsed mere miles from the city gates and decided to take her in, at least until she rested and was back on her feet. So when she woke up he told her what happened and introduced himself. That was the start of their professional relationship, so to speak.

Sozolan told him the reason for her journey and expressed great interest in books and knowledge, and Beren, seeing a promising young woman, decided to take her under his wings. He introduced her to his assistants, showed her around the warehouse and taught her everything he knows about the important assets. He was the one introducing her to his own teacher, a gray-haired old gentleman, who was known for his inventions and engineering. And from him and Beren, she learned how to make those funny little machines, like a portion maker for dietary reasons, or the "remember-where-I-left-off" machine, marking where someone left while reading a book.

She learned a lot about the world she lives in and still seeks more knowledge. She easily became a member of "Mr. Dreyarchs Curiosities", that merchant company Beren founded, and since 5 years works for and with him. She adapted his last name, because she usually does not have one, and in doing so she felt a real bond between the two of them.

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