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Claw of Arali

Caedali, also referred to as Cora Merrywine, is (currently) a halfling paladin and an Initiate of the Claw of Arali, where she works out of Cloverhall in Reedenford. Caedali is an earnest and righteous paladin in service of the goddess Unavaranu, for whom Caedali must collect knowledge in return for her power and protection. Caedali is generous, kind, and driven. However, much of Caedali's outward appearance is a cover for her curse, which transfers her consciousness to anyone that kills her. She currently occupies the body of Cora Merrywine.



Cora is a stout, chubby halfling woman with honey gold curly hair and lightly tanned skin. She has a large scar on her chest, close to her heart. She is somewhat muscular, especially for her size, which falls around 2.5 feet tall. Cora wears chainmail emblazoned with the symbolism of her goddess, Unavaranu, and carries a large pack filled with all manner of interesting objects and books.


Cora is kind, righteous, and earnest. She values honesty and straightforwardness, and makes attempts to do right by those around her. Her generous nature, however, can often leave her lacking as she tends to give too much. When her limits are pushed too far, her positive disposition gives way to a dark fury.

Cora harbors a deeply founded hatred for hags and witches.

Skills and Abilities

Cora is a paladin trained in martial combat, and is handy with a number of weapons and fighting implements. She is rather strong, but is more sturdy than anything else. Throughout her travels, Cora has collected a vast amount of knowledge to offer to her goddess.

Cora is studied in the religions of the world, and knows a fair amount regarding various gods.


Caedali was afflicted with a powerful curse in the past, likely by the witch Soulstitcher, that forces her consciousness to take over the bodies of those that kill her. At some point Caedali was killed by the goblin Osh, who was in turn killed by the true Cora Merrywine.

Caedali quickly grew uncomfortable with Cora's relationship with Connor Bramblemoon. When she left to join the Claw, she did so in part to escape Connor, as her travels would take her far away from him, though her main focus was on investigating her curse.

Cora joined the Claw of Arali in Iron 989, working with Lambchop in the guild trials and eventually being placed in Atherdale to work out of Cloverhall as an Initiate. Cora completed a number of missions out of Cloverhall with her fellow Initiates, some of which resulted in near-death scenarios for the halfing, such as when her body was pierced by the magical weapon Lightstake. After earning some notoriety in the guild and playing a part in neutralizing the source of undead coming from the crypt of Thaloss Zinir, Cora became a Claw of the guild, certified by Darrod Lightvane.

After helping to retrieve the Nepoznato from Eldag Hollow, Cora and the other Cursebusters were ambushed by a group of goblins raiders, angry that the party had taken out their ambush from before. Cora, upon seeing the leader, Gutbowl, became possessed by a bizarre bloodlust, bee-lining towards the goblin at her own personal peril. Eventually killing Gutbowl, she then cut off his hands and stung them like beads around a necklace made from his entrails, which she wore for a number of days before she was able to fight the desire to keep in on.

In Bucktuck City, Cora fell under the influence of Zevian's Nail, and became overwhelmed with the insatiable desire to collect curses. She later returned to Reedenford where Connor had tracked her down. Cora attempted to explain her curse to him, but had little success in getting him to understand.

Ilryn Dewsong is a half elf warlock and an Initiate of the Claw of Arali, where she works out of Cloverhall in Reedenford. Ilryn originally masqueraded as a bard in an attempt to gain fame and adoration, but eventually discarded this facade in favor of her true, more destructive powers. While she once put on an air of diplomacy and grace, she now clearly displays her bloodlust towards and distaste for nearly every creature she encounters. However, Ilryn is still an accomplished musician, and even her murderous intentions seem to fade away when she puts on a performance.

Ilryn has a strange relationship with a powerful entity that appears to watch her from a distance.



Ilryn is a half elf woman with currently short, blue hair, fair skin and blue eyes. She often changes her wardrobe to suit the occasion, but is fond of wearing dresses when she is not required to suit up for combat. When she channels her magic, her eyes glow an eerie purple, reflecting light almost like a crystal.


Currently, Ilryn has a vengeful and sadistic personality, generally choosing to answer most obstacles with violence. She has little patience and usually assumes the worst of others, and may nonchalantly choose to kill someone. She has little respect for the lives of people she does not know. Ilryn has an intimidating, forceful charisma about her that she uses to get what she wants. Regardless, she seems to care for her companions somewhat, at least to the point that she isn't trying to kill them. Ilryn is highly materialistic, and likes gold. She still places great importance on her music.

In the past, Ilryn tended to put on airs in many social occasions, attempting to show off her best sides to others. She was highly concerned with her reputation, and how other viewed her. Ilryn has been seen to be caring, but also slightly vindictive when slighted. She attempted to be diplomatic with most people she interacted with, regardless of their attitude towards her.

Skills and Abilities

While Ilryn was been trained in the bardic arts, her true power comes from strange arcane knowledge she has received from her mysterious patron. Regardless, she is capable of putting on a wide variety of performances for entertainment, and is a very capable artist of disguise. Ilryn is rather capable with a rapier and is fond of close combat, though she possesses a font of magic she can use to manipulate the weave in other ways.


Ilryn hails from the village of Nepoznato, a small settlement by a lake located in Meldas, eastern Kalhastian Empire.

Ilryn was once part of a traveling group of performers that put on their act around the Empire. Among the troupe was a half orc named Ohrakk Cinderhand and the leader of the troupe, a halfling nicknamed Momma.

Ilryn decided to join the Claw of Arali in Iron 989, passing her trials along with the help of Merjquinallurjafrey Acridoneypso and Kel Stevaen. She was placed in the province of Atherdale to work out of Cloverhall. Ilryn completed a number of missions alongside the other Initiates of the guild, deepening her understanding of magic as her notoriety grew. In Bucktuck City during the Owlspring Festival, Ilryn managed to pull a magical rapier, Liar, from the crystal of a "fortune teller", running off into the festivities when the fortune teller demanded she give it back. After exploring Thaloss Zinir and neutralizing an artifact generating undead, Ilryn was certified as a Claw of the guild by Darrod Lightvane, who mentioned that her heritage put her in danger in the Empire. She later discovered a foreboding note in her locked chest in Cloverhall, stating that she had something that didn't belong to her.

While attending a traveling minstrel show in Reedenford, Ilryn recognized one of her former troupe members in the show, Ohrakk. She spoke with Ohrakk after his performances, learning of the sudden passing of Momma. While on her way to a tavern to reminisce with Ohrakk over drinks, Ilryn was attacked by a man parroting the claim of the strange note she had discovered earlier. When Ilryn and her group engaged the man, he became scattered to sand as he died, but two more men were summoned in his place. After killing numerous clones, the strange magical fallout warped the surrounding space, and eventually began to break it open; falling back to a fountain, also tainted with the magic sand, Ilryn eventually fell in and was transported back in time before the encounter even began. Throughout the fight, the man kept claiming that Ilryn had "something that didn't belong to her", though her attempts to find out what that was were fruitless.

Ilryn later did some research on sand and the time gods Tharamaias, Berit, Vaaltha, and Nurenin in the guild library at Cloverhall, but she could not find any information that seemed to resemble her current predicament.

As Ilryn visited Eldag Hollow with the Cursebusters, she became increasingly more irritated with her ineffectiveness in combat, unsatisfied with taking a more supportive role. As the group headed to Bucktuck City,  Ilryn unleashed her power against an army of gnolls, shedding her bardic facade and revealing herself as a warlock. She began to attack with great bloodlust and power, finally revealing her true nature, along with momentarily conversing with a strange entity that was aware of her strength.

In the city, Ilryn became cursed by the demonic shield Mask of Fear, which she became incapable of removing from her body. While in the Nepoznato, Ilryn was again accosted by the Sandy Man, who again accused her of having something that didn't belong to her, pointing to the area under her left shoulder.

Kel Stevaen is an elven cleric of Patalir and an Initiate in the Claw of Arali, where she works out of Cloverhall in the town of Reedenford. Kel is generally a detached pragmatist that defers to the teachings of her deity to conduct judgement, but is prone to getting caught up in schemes and idea. She is currently trying to figure out her life.



Kel is a lithe, tall elf with brown eyes, brown skin and white hair. Freckles are peppered across her face under her short, pixie cut hair. She is generally dressed in the vestments of her faith, primarily sporting various shades of blue and white. Kel has a large burn scar around her neck from when she was strangled by Erigor.

Kel generally attempts to adopt an aloof and detached demeanor, and can often come of as cold and unfeeling. This may stem from her religious education under the tenets of Patalir, of whom Kel is a (mostly) devout follower. However, she is prone to getting caught up in the energy and chaos of others, leading her to become more animated and carefree in nature. This is perhaps a symptom of her identity crisis, which has begun to emerge through her time in the guild. While she tends to approach problems diplomatically, ever since becoming enamored with a magical sack of teeth, her inhibitions have eroded somewhat.

Skills and Abilities

Kel is a skilled wielder of Patalir's magic, and is also capable of performing various rites specific to her goddess. She also has a fair amount of religious knowledge, and is a decent conversationalist.


Kel was raised in an elven kingdom located in the Heart of Est, a forested land in western Fusalis. She was instilled with a deference to the goddess Patalir from youth, and was trained as a member of the Frozen Priesthood. After hundreds of years in service to Patalir, Kel began to suffer a crisis of idenity, and later left her home, traveling south.

In Iron 988, Kel began the trials necessary to join the Claw of Arali, eventually becoming a certified Initiate in 989. Kel was placed in Cloverhall, a modest guild base located in the remote province of Atherdale. Kel began making a name for herself by completing various guild missions alongside her fellow Initiates. While traveling, Kel was accosted by a man who demanded the party's teeth, and began throwing canines at them, which nearly killed the group's horse. After dispatching the man, Kel later claimed the sack of teeth he was carrying, and after learning of the sack's magic, began compulsively harvesting teeth from deceased creatures around her.

During a mission to free the town of Rostern from strange wolves controlled by the Green Hand, Kel met the scared child Merilann Nostern and used the powers of Patalir to lift the child's fear. Kel later forged a relationship with Merilann, taking the child on as her "apprentice", and making her conduct research on magical teeth as "training".

After Kel assisted in neutralizing the effects of an artifact that was generating undead from the crypt of Thaloss Zinir, she was awarded the title of Claw for her efforts by Darrod Lightvane, along with a warning that the Empire was a dangerous place for elves. From Merilann's research, Kel learned of another magical bag of teeth that could provide powers to those that implanted the bag's teeth into their own mouths. According to legend, the powers of the teeth were great and calamitous, capable of destroying an entire city. While the bag itself was lost to time, apparently, a former user of the bag was being contained within the Prison of the Chained Flame, an ancient prison built inside the still-living body of the demigod Alurkhet.

During Kel's trip to Eldag Hollow, she became fond of Ayla Raddock, despite the cold and unfeeling nature of the thief. However, she also liked the mercenary Soup, and became torn when she had to choose to assist one or the other. Kel eventually responded by not responding at all, almost allowing herself to be mauled to death by a ghoulish undead before she was saved by Ilryn Dewsong and Caedali. This near death moment helped Kel reconnect with her faith somewhat, and she began using the power of Patalir more often, though she still had an obsession with teeth.

On her way to Bucktuck City, Kel performed burial rites on Dathon, a seckpin addict that Lambchop had accidentally killed the day prior. In the city, Kel caught the eye of Evelforth Pyhrrus, who recognized her faith, even though she was not in her robes at the time. Kel accepted a dinner invitation from Evelforth.

Lambchop is a half orc barbarian that resides in the Kalhastian Empire. While intimidating in stature and strength, he is a free spirit more concerned with his next meal more than anything else. Lambchop is intrigued by all things culinary, and is always seeking new flavors and experiences. He is currently a member of the Claw of Arali, where he works in Reedenford out of Cloverhall. He is attempting to cultivate an alter-ego for himself known as Eye-Man.


Lambchop is a tall, intimidating half orc, with greenish-grey skin, dark, short hair and prominent tusks. He typically wears simple furs and hides, likely from previous hunts. As a result of messing with a strange power, Lambchop has a giant eye, about a foot across, embedded on his chest. He wears a tailored hide vest to show off his eye when he can. He also dons a dark cape with a Batraxian eye displayed on the obverse. In addition, he has a resplendant silver helmet made by Ogris Finehand, to which he has attached an enormous red feather.

Lambchop has a refreshingly simple outlook on life, and is generally single-mindedly concerned with his next meal. He tends to remain calm in the face of adversity, and is simply amused by events that others might find horrifying. Lambchop is the epitome of an out of the box thinker, and offers unorthodox solutions to problems. However, his impulsive nature is often what lands him in the trouble to begin with.

Skills and Abilities

Lambchop is brutishly strong, and fights with a wild style of his own creation, formed by his years of forest living. He is also an accomplished tracker and experienced survivalist with an impeccable sense of direction.


Lambchop spent most of his childhood in the woods of the Kalhastian Empire, though by his own admission, the exact location of his birth is unknown to him. After a brief stint out of the woods, Lambchop returned to them to live off the land, returning to civilization intermittently after having his mind opened to the culinary world. For a time, Lambchop lived near the capital of Adalhast, where he frequented the inn the Silver Shepherd.

Lambchop joined the Claw of Arali in Iron 989 in the hopes of gaining access to their trade networks and closely guarded libraries, which no doubt held powerful culinary secrets. He completed his guild trials with the help of Caedali, and was placed in Atherdale to work out of Cloverhall. Lambchop worked with the other Initiates through a fair number of guild missions. In his travels, he collected a great many things; a helmet made by Ogris Finehand, an owl he named Berdo after his 'best friend' Erdo Elfast, strange spices, exotic meats, exotic pieces of skin, a sack, and other such "treasures". Lambchop forged a relationship with the duplicitous Raldon Tarrod, who he convinced to get some eel for him, and, to his dismay, became the target of off-putting affection by Rorug Fletsworn.

For playing a part in the "neutralization" of an artifact that was generating undead in Thaloss Zinir, Lambchop was awarded the rank of Claw by Darrod Lightvane. However, in the crypt, Lambchop had simply attached the artifact, a strange, beetle-like piece of metal, to a corpse. The artifact animated the corpse and began to speak through it, and Lambchop began to refer to it as Beetleman. Beetleman exhibited control over the undead in the crypt, and promised to recall the undead that had escaped its confines. Lambchop was happy to leave his newfound friend to his devices in the tomb, unafraid of any repercussions that might later result from his decisions.

In Cloverhall, Lambchop received a rack of cured venison from his friends at the Silver Shepherd, congratulating him on making it into the guild. Lambchop later received a package from a shady individual in the streets of Bucktuck City for his "friends in the capital", and he was able to recognize that the thread the package was bound in contained some sort of code, though he could not decipher it.

Merjquinallurjafrey Acridoneypso, generally referred to as Merja, is a half genasi sorcerer and an Initiate of the Claw of Arali, working out of Cloverhall in Reedenford. Merja is a powerful but reserved weaver of magic, preferring to stand back and analyze a situation before making any drastic decisions. She is also a decent potter.


Merja is a female human of decent height, but not imposing. She has dark hair that reflects hues of red and blue, generally tied up into buns. She tends to wear outfits embroidered with intricate designs.

Merja is opinionated and headstrong, but prefers to stay back to observe a situation before taking any rash actions. She is less concerned with any concept of objective justice over what she personally believes is fair.

Skills and Abilities

Merja is a powerful sorcerer, capable of wielding a plethora of destructive magics. She appears to draw out this power by channeling it through the shadows around her, and can even manifest a sentient skunk made of shadows to act on her behalf.

Merja is also a trained potter.


In Iron 989, Merja entered the admission trials for the Claw of Arali, eventually passing with the help of Ilryn Dewsong and Kel Stevaen. Merja was transferred as an Initiate to the Atherdale province, where she worked out of Cloverhall.

Merja began working jobs for the guild off and on, mostly as a way to provide funding for her artistic endeavors. She accompanied the Cursebusters out to the Muckmeer Swamp and freed the Thin Man from his cage, assisted Erdo Elfast in finding the Cold Lady, and helped fight off the wolves of the Green Hand that had taken over the town of Rostern. After this small influx of cash, Merja repurposed one of the empty rooms on the second floor of Cloverhall into a pottery studio, complete with a kiln. She spent a good amount of time holed up in the studio, engaged in a focused state of artistic fervor.

Later in 989, Merja had eaten through her savings and set out to earn some more coin for her work, taking on a job to find a missing person, Dathon. By the time she caught up with him, the man had been killed by Lambchop.

Steve Moran is a human wizard and an Initiate of the Claw of Arali, where he works out of Cloverhall in Reedenford. While numbered in years, Steve retains a keen thirst for knowledge in any form that it might take, willing to subject himself to perilous danger in order to slake his hunger. He is fond of any form of written word, no matter how mundane. Steve carries a dark spellbook that he has used to teach himself magic, one of the last surviving texts from his old library, the Lunar Referent.


Steve is an aging human man with loose, light skin, grey, balding hair, and a hunching stature. He generally dresses in robes or simple clothes, and occasionally wears a set of spectacles. Still, he is relatively fit for his age, capable of surprising feats of dexterity. Currently he wears a fine black pork pie hat with a dark, form-fitting suit.

Steve is almost single-mindedly focused on the obtainment and consumption of written media, no matter the form it may take or how relevant the material is. While he holds a more potent desire to learn of all things magical, he appears to appreciate any written word. While less attractive to him, Steve is also fond of learning outside of reading, though when there is nothing else to catch his interest, he becomes quiet and despondent.

Skills and Abilities

Steve is terribly well read, to the point that should he encounter any sort of topic unknown to him, he could locate a book that would elucidate the material in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, Steve has mastered a great number of different languages, and is also a fledgling practitioner of magic.


Steve has mastered many languages, including some dead and rare ones. So far, he has displayed an understanding of Common, Elvish, Abyssal, and Kharvat. Additionally, Steve's skill with language allows him to create masterful ciphers that are incredibly difficult to break, and he himself is rather skilled at deciphering others.


Steve was once the head librarian of the Lunar Referent, a modest but well-kept library located in the city of Celtermoon. Steve spent most of his time reading as his slack was picked up by his dedicated assistant Joy Astrosla. In Iron 988, the Lunar Referent burned down under mysterious circumstances, and Steve set out into the world in pursuit of the study of magic, a topic he had recently become intrigued with.

In Iron 989, Steve eventually came to join the Claw of Arali, seeking hidden knowledge in their ancient libraries. Despite his age, Steve seemed to be unfazed by the risks to his life, seeing the potential for information as a worthy enough prize. Steve began to work with the other Initiates to accomplish guild missions, and started to make a name for himself. However, Steve's absent minded nature often landed him in strange scenarios, such as when he followed a group of adventurers south for days believing they were members of the guild, only to find out later they had no relation. He spent most of his free time studying the books in Cloverhall, as well as unlocking the secrets of magic in his own books.

Eventually, after helping to neutralize the source of undead from the crypt of Thaloss Zinir, Steve was awarded the rank of Claw by Darrod Lightvane. During his time in Thaloss Zinir, Steve discovered a book of necromancy that cursed him as he read it; this anxiety would later lead him to spend time identifying an artifact that was sought by the Beetleman. Steve learned that the artifact, a strange crystal, functioned as a power source, and apparently held a soul. Despite his worry, Steve handed the artifact over Beetleman, in fear of his wrath.

While at Cloverhall, Steve received a letter from his former assistant Joy, updating him on the process of rebuilding the Lunar Referent. However, located in this letter was a hidden cipher that communicated the message, "you have what they're looking for."

When the Cursebusters were attempting to retrieve the Nepoznato from Eldag Hollow, Steve's dark spellbook was noticed by the necromancer Nettleberry. She moved to attack Steve, but was taken down by Caedali before she got the chance. When Steve began looking through Nettleberry's spellbook, he noticed her spells were very to his.

The Pea Party

Journey is a tiefling sorcerer from the small mountain village of Shiesia in the Farlands of Fusalis. She is a focused individual that will do what it takes to reach her goals. Once a runaway and a criminal, Journey evolved into a powerful and knowledgeable sorcerer, and one of the few noted individuals in history to have forged a relationship with the legendary dreaded dragon tyrant Malae. Journey is the world's foremost expert on Dragon Crystal Magic.


Journey stands about the average height for a tiefling; her deep purple hair complements her dark lavender skin, and it falls past her shoulders, when it isn't tied up. Her serious face is topped by the crest of her horns, which extend backwards and point skywards at their tips. Due to her interactions with ley energies, Journey freezes all that she touches.

Skills and Abilities

Journey is a powerful and knowledgeable sorcerer, capable of crafting her own magic as well as unlocking the secrets of draconic power.

Innate Magic

Journey is a sorcerer, meaning her magic is sourced from her own power. This connection to magic is traced back to her ancient ancestor, Ferazir the Savage Frost.

Dragon Crystal Magic

Journey originally became capable of using Dragon Crystal Magic through shared power with the dragon Malae, when her consciousness was contained to a small collection of dragon crystals Journey had amassed. After Malae left her, Journey was later able to unlock the secrets of the magic herself, and became capable of channeling it through her dragon blood to great effect.


Journey was born to Nepoznato and Kosmarir in the small mountain village of Shiesia. Blessed with magic, her blood was highly prized by the members of the village in their attempts to continue the bloodline of Ferazir. However, she was forbidden from learning magic, subjugated under an archaic patriarchal hierarchy based around the magical acumen of its members.  She was set to be wed to the grand sorcerer Ozvir in order to produce viable magical offspring, but before this came to pass, she fled her home, but not before chipping off a piece of the magical crystal that sat in the village center.

Journey ventured south to the kingdom of Wolkaea, where she began a life of petty crime in order to make ends meet. After a particularly dicey job ended up nearly costing her her life, Journey escaped to the Shrewboro Woods, where she was discovered and nursed back to health by the Nepoznato. The care and kindness she received from the family began to change Journey's outlook on life, and she began to change her ways for the better, popping in to visit the family between odd jobs.

In Iron 950, on one return visit to the Woods family, she discovered that the eldest son of the family had been killed and one of the daughters crippled by Mardyth the Shade, a ruthless thief and murderer. Journey vowed to hunt down and kill the man, and began to travel across Hazeron while following his trail of devastation. This quest led her to Atavar, where in Iron 951, she boarded the Dirty Whale, where she met the founding members of the Peas.

Journey took on a contract from Kradva Ospen to escort him to the city of Madrioc, prompting her to travel across the Nightspell Moors to do so, all the while tracing the path of Mardyth. In this time, due to the actions of Haradumeir the Defeated, Journey received a few purple crystals originating from Hashastel the Peacekeeper. The Peas finally caught up to Mardyth and the rogue confronted them on the road, taking Kradva hostage. The group managed to rescue Kradva and subdue Mardyth, but as Journey attempted to murder the villain, she discovered that he was effectively immortal, and he was taken away by the Nightseeker. During a Chaos Moon of Elevara, Journey's icey blue crystal from her home and the purple crystals of Hashastel fused together, manifesting a small shard of the conciousness of Malae, who began to teach the sorcerer her special crystal magic. Afterwards, Mardyth struck again, this time murdering Kradva just before the group's arrival to Madrioc.

In Madrioc, Journey participated in the 329th Mad King's Festival, taking 1st place with the Peas in the tournament. She later took on a quest from Razodon Goswin to deliver the Sallow Stone to Deowyn Centhos, an act she predicted would give her continue chances to confront Mardyth. Journey accompanied the Peas throughout Sanaris, participating in the Sealing of Tarisi. Upon her return to the city of Hymathel, she found that her brothers, Karcius and Valx, had ventured to Gessaria to track her down and return her to Shiesia. Journey attempted to evade her brothers, but they tracked her to the city of Sanar, where the brothers attemped to take her by force. After a beat down by the Peas, the brothers yielded, and instead chose to pursue the death of the dragon Zahast instead. Journey learned that her home had been taken over by a dragon-worshiping cult known as the Dracohest, but decided to put that quest aside until her business with the Peas had concluded.

Journey continued to collect dragon crystals throughout her travels, stealing a red one from a dragon shrine in Madrioc and taking another three from a sorcerer working with the Divine Branch. The sorcerer admonished Journey for putting the crystals together and commanded her to not collect any more, but Journey did not heed these warnings very much, as she highly valued her friendship with Malae. Journey would continue to conduct research about dragons during her limited visits to libraries and bookstores, but found little about her dragon companion.

After many encounters, Journey finally managed to see Mardyth finished off, with the help of the Peas and Razodon. Journey made her peace with the pitiful man before his death, stating that her bloodlust had settled.

While the Peas were assisting Selathwin Muleyr with the ley line research, the group was eventually made to visit Journey's home in order to calibrate a device of Selathwin's at a ley line intersection. Journey managed to teleport the party to the Woods family home using her Hag's Finger, where she caught up with the Woods family. After using the services of a witch living in the Shrewboro Woods, the group ended up directly on top of the ley line intersection, which happened to be the village of Shiesia. Journey's draconic ancestor Ferazir had situated himself on top of the ley lines, absorbing their energies as he slept, with the village founded in the caves above him. Here, Journey worked with the Peas to liberate the town from the Dracohest, killing the violent leader Craxen and begrudgingly freeing her father Kosmarir from capture. Journey eventually ventured down into Ferazir's lair, where she was able to invoke her heritage as well as her powers of deception and flattery in order to distract the ancient dragon long enough for Selathwin's device to calibrate. The dragon was later incensed by Journey's crystal focus, which happened to be Malae. The crystal dragon then whisked the party out of harm's way as Ferazir began to rage, shaking the earth and forcing the evacuation of the village.

Journey later fought in the Battle for the Sun, subjecting herself to raw ley energies that gave her great strength, but also marked her with bizarre after effects. Along with the rest of the Peas, she led the charge against the Nightseeker, eventually confronting her at her shadow fortress in the center of the Nepoznato. Journey strongly disagreed with the Nightseeker's intentions, arguing that it wasn't her place to subject the world to her whims, and incensed by the destruction her ascent to power caused. Journey's powerful magic helped to overwhelm the demiurge, eventually resulting in the Nightseeker's demise.

In Iron 952, Journey assisted in the Great Throne War, fighting alongside Seamus McHammerface and Halarain Ovastios on the side of the resistance. Journey's diplomatic work in the Deadmarch was instrumental in turning the tides of the war, as the nation of undead finally decided to join the battle with her council.

Following the Siege of Sanar, Journey traveled to Shiesia, armed with new magic and ideas of how to help her people. She began plans to turn the village into a moving town with enchanted ice, though had to hold off after being recruited by Tyerjon to help dismantle the Dracohest in western Fusalis. In the circle of many influential individuals, Journey crafted informational campaigns in the Farlands to help dillusion those taken in by the cult, while conducting secret raids on their outposts. Journey eventually returned to Shiesia to complete her plans, and in 962, she finished crafting the first 9 blocks of the Moving City. Journey would later found a college in Shiesia dedicated to the study and conservation of primitive and ancestral magic, as well as the study of dragon crystal magic. While she would lecture here from time to time, she ultimately only worked in the college as a guest, despite having her own office.

Journey's time spent studying dragon crystals eventually led to her recognition as Hazeron's foremost expert on crystal magic, and dragon magic in general. Her council became highly prized by scholars studying the subject, and she gave lectures at notable magic universities from time to time. Largely, Journey remained untethered to any job or place, living up to her name.

Phaelnah Ellarian is a noble elf of House Ellarian originating in the forests of Ethrel. She is a bit of an elitist, and often holds automatic disdain for races other than elves, especially humans. She is finely attuned to nature and cares about it deeply, but has shown herself to be somewhat narrow-minded and selfish otherwise.


Phaelnah has a tall, thin figure. She carries herself with an air of nobility. He frame is augmented by her robes and chain armor; her effortless handing of the heavy vestments hint at her underlying power.

Under the influence of the Nightblight, Phaelnah has become decidedly more monstrous; her hair has become wiry, black, and unmanageable, her skin is covered in dark veins and her skin has become grey. She has talons on her hands and feet, as well has sharp teeth and black eyes with yellow sclera.

Skills and Abilities

Phaelnah isn't the sharpest elf, but she has a very good understanding of the world and its natural order. Her awareness of her surroundings and her focus approach superhuman levels.

Currently, her ability to perceive her surroundings is unparalleled, after she put on a set of cursed pauldrons that allow her to see in a complete radius around her. She has recently acquired the skill to remove these pauldrons using a spell, making her less of a sore thumb.

Well Read

Phaelnah loves to read and study, and holds a wealth of knowledge about the world from her research.

In Tune with Nature

Phaelnah has an affinity for the forests, likely stemming from growing up in them. She has a deep understanding of the natural.

Unwilling Covenant

Phaelnah is capable of siphoning an otherworldly power from the entity responsible for the corruption of her right arm. Instead of using the power of her goddess, Phaelnah may use the Nightblight for her spellcasting, and has access to a few special abilities.


Phaelnah hails from the forest kingdom of Ethrel, where she is apparently nobility from House Ellarian. At some point, she learned the ways of the cleric from a man named Inglis Alexandar. At some point, she mothered a child she named Ilewalyn.


The Nightblight is tearing apart Phaelnah's home forest of Ethrel, and she is looking for a cure.

Phaelnah contracted some sort of disease in her arm, which is a form of the Nightblight that was exacerbated by the Nightseeker. She wishes to undo this corruption. To this effect, she is looking for Inglis Alexandar, who she believes can undo the corrupting effects. Inglis appears to be caught up in a group of Aeltran radicalists causing trouble in the areas around Hymnethas.

Phaelnah has discovered that her daughter Ilewalyn is in Hymathel living under the moniker Yoxxel.

Notable Possessions

Eyeball Epaulets - Wander urged Phaelnah to don these cursed pauldrons, which affixed themselves to her shoulder. Phaelnah has learned how to remove the pauldrons, but keeps them around because of their utility.

Leadbelly Fargus is a mountain dwarf from the Leadbelt Peaks in Fusalis. Leadbelly is a traditionalist, and is generally no-nonsense. While usually quiet, he often acts as a focused voice among some of more colorful characters in the Peas.


He is a physical embodiment of dwarven tradition, at least in appearance. His beard is long and thoughtfully braided, and his hair is cut short. He tends to adorn furs and leathers, but eschews armor in favor of flexibility.

Leadbelly is prone to seasickness; any prolonged aquatic journey will probably lead to Leadbelly being bedridden afterwards.

Skills and Abilities

Leadbelly isn't really the most dexterous dwarf around, but he is certainly a physically powerful one.

Smith's Hand and Eye

As a former blacksmith, Leadbelly's eye for well-crafted metals is especially keen. If called upon, he could most certainly produce a masterwork. In one occasion, Leadbelly was seen commanding lightning to strike with his hammer during the creation of Onyr's Tongue, though this may have been done with help from Onyr himself.

Dwarvish Constitution

Leadbelly is more than just a name. Leadbelly is capable of imbibing all manner of things, including at one point, a literal mug of shit.

Storming Rage

When Leadbelly rages, he can call forth a storm and can summon lightning to strike at his enemies.


Leadbelly hails from the Leadbelt Peaks in Fusalis. At some point, he learned smithing, and became a master smith. He married someone and had a son, Leadbelly Balnar.

At some point after his son left to wander the world, Leadbelly's wife passed away. No longer keeping correspondence with his son, Leadbelly set off to reunite what family he had left.


Leadbelly was originally searching for his son Leadbelly Balnar, who he tracked heading north into Gessaria. He finally reunited with his son, but only briefly, as he was stolen away by a "shadow lady" who seems to have control over him. Leadbelly now quests to retrieve his son yet again, and break the binds placed upon him. Leadbelly confirmed the Twisted Knight was actually his son, bound in a vile suit of armor.

In line with his revenge against those that abused his son, Leadbelly has been tasked by the god Onyr with forging and honing the instrument of his revenge, Onyr's Tongue. He has claimed materials from two of Onyr's three champions already, and has been instructed to kill the Nightseeker for the next step in the tempering process.

Notable Possessions

Onyr's Tongue - Leadbelly crafted this reforged greataxe in an almost trance-like state, likely induced by the god Onyr. He continues to refine it uses materials from the Storm King's champions.

Mysterious Stone - After taking this stone from Grognock, Leadbelly has become fascinated with the stone, and inspects it often.

Leadbelly previously had a magic, silver rope - but he sacrificed it to Onyr in order to destroy the Bottle Demon.

Seamus McHammerface is the half elf king of Sanaris, a powerful and legendary warrior, and a once-commoner that hailed from a small farming community in Hymnethas. He was once a young farmer from Bylhivar, but after his home was destroyed by the Shadow Guard, he set off from his homelands to do the things he loves most - fighting and drinking. Seamus was previously unconcerned by status and politics, but after realizing his heritage was linked to the power of House Zelvass, he led a revolt against the highly corrupt Khymal Set to instate a new monarchy under his rule. Seamus has a soft spot for animals, particularly a strange, dirty stray dog he named Mange.


Seamus is quite tall and a bit rugged. His breastplate armor obscures much of his body. He has messy brown hair and an impressive muscular frame. Seamus' left arm appears matte black, and his fingertips seem to end in sharp points. An additional pair of arms extend from underneath his original two.

Seamus is loud and impulsive, easily distracted, and content to let most conflicts devolve into violence. Regardless, he is still a loyal friend to those that do right by him, but is also known to hold petulant grudges.

Skills and Abilities

Seamus seems to be a somewhat competent fighter, and often tries fight using unconventional means. He has shown great expertise in wielding the onyx greatsword he took from a particularly large Storm Knight.


Seamus seems to have some sort of unnatural luck keeping him alive. He has so far survived a number of questionable scenarios.

Fucked Up Arm

Seamus's arm is all kinds of fucking weird. Some unknown liquid spilled on his left arm, turning it into a strange, stretchy rubber thing. Seamus has learned how to stretch it up to 20 feet away.

Even More Arms

Due to the corruptive influence of a demon, Seamus has an extra set of arms that sprouted below his normal set. He has learned how to control these arms with considerable dexterity, allowing him to wield two greatswords at once.

Blood of Zelvass

Seamus contains the powerful, magical blood of Zelvass in his veins, capable of unlocking and utilizing the many chambers and relics that the Zelvass family bound to their blood.

Ley Residue

As a result of being directly exposed to ley energy, Seamus manifested a strange effect that causes all small particles and liquids to fly away from him, akin to a magnet. Seamus's mere presence can disperse gases and dust, but it also makes it rather difficult for him to take a bath.


Seamus is from a small town known as Bylhivar in the Hymnethal District in Sanaris. His home was destroyed by the Shadow Guard in order to end a bloodline of House Zelvass. Seamus managed to escape the carnage, and began wandering Gessaria afterwards, making attempts to stay away from his past.

Seamus eventually wound up in the Lurkertail in the Nightspell Moors, drinking in a small bar in the town of Dorim. Seamus began to antagonize a group of bandits in the bar, who kidnapped him and threw him in the brig of a stolen ship. Seamus was discovered by the Peas, who freed him, and he decided to help them rescue Merin Lavelle and William from the clutches of Kreegal. However, when in the bandit hideout on Sordin Isle, Seamus stumbled upon a large quantity of wine, becoming extremely drunk and eventually getting left behind as the Storm Knights and the Caustic Bandits burst into the hideout for an all out battle.

Seamus was mistaken for a bandit in the battle, and after being heavily injured, was made to retreat by his "allies", who helped him escape to the seas around the Tevari Isles. The Storm Knights followed, and Seamus eventually battled one on the high seas, wresting the sword Voidspeaker from his hands before passing out and finally washing up upon the shores of the Lurkertail again. Making his way back north, Seamus eventually met up with the Peas again, and formally joined up with them to escort Kradva Ospen to Madrioc, as he was heading in that direction anyways. Soon after rejoining the Peas, a courier found Seamus and delivering him a letter claiming he owed a large amount of land tax to the Sanarian Tax Agency for the land he had not live on in some time.

Seamus traveled with the party for some time, heading up to the towns of Vardev and Kinoclast, where he climbed Azmok's Tower and met Godfrey in battle. In this fight, Seamus' arm was coated in a black sludge from a random potion bottle, giving him his rubber arm. While investigating the actions of Mardyth and Leadbelly Balnar around Vardev, he became fast friends with Goldtack, the dwarven lieutenant of the Thurimbane. Later on, he encountered a stray dog in the forest that he named Mange and immediately adopted. Soon after, he fought Arghan Highmaker Athuniano, and ran from Abrax at the Bandry Keep.

Seamus stayed with the group until they arrived in the city of Madrioc, delivering the Sallow Stone to Renbedar Uleshan on behalf of the recently deceased Kradva. While walking through the city, Seamus encountered a Collector Knight, prompting him to run and have the knight give chase. As it turned out, the knight was after a different tax evader, but warned Seamus that his knight would come eventually. Seamus later competed in the Mad King's Festival with the rest of the Peas, earning first place. After the Peas agreed to deliver the Sallow Stone to Deowyn Centhos on behalf of Razodon Goswin, Seamus received an amulet from Avelos the Learned that would disguise him as Turica La'suras, as he needed a consistent disguise as to not be discovered in Sanaris, where the group was headed. Seamus decided to name himself Murica while in this form.

Traveling north into Sanaris, Seamus, as Murica, eventually met the fiery Yoxxel, who she immediately fell in love with, though the normal Seamus was indifferent. After delivering the Sallow Stone to Deowyn, Murica traveled north to Peralas, making misguided attempts to court Yoxxel, who was primarily disinterested. As Seamus, he participated in the sealing of Tarisi, eventually crawling from the rubble and making it back to Hymathel after being given Veravine as a gift from the elves of Peralas. During the Peas' attempt to clear Hymathel of demons, Seamus was corrupted by demonic blood, growing two arms that he later had chopped off. Additional demonic influence prompted him to regrow the two extra arms, though this time he decided to keep them. After defeating the Bottle Demon and being infused with ley energy, Seamus finally met up with his uncle Cormac McHammerface, his only living relative, to warn him about his issues with the Collector Knights.

When Journey was being chased by her brothers, Seamus went with the group to Sanar, eventually making it up to Godsreach, where he was cornered by the Collector Knight Corvel. Seamus managed to kill Corvel, earning new confidence in his power, and learning that his debt was steadily increasing. When the group headed to the Tomb of Zelvass when Tyerjon attempted to make a deal with Eilon Terix, Seamus found that he was capable of opening the doors of the tomb, though at the time, he was unaware of the significance. While exploring the tomb while looking for the Sigil of Zelvass, Seamus learned much about the Sanarian royal family, only truly realizing the significance of his blood when it was pointed out by the ghost of Aniala Zelvass. After choosing to leave the sigil in the tomb following a fight with Anlath, Seamus participated in a battle against the Shadow Guard, the Divine Branch, some devils, and the denizens of Shiloae. It was here that Seamus saw the face of Gaval'sar Gasvado, the elf that had killed his parents so long ago. Gaval'sar managed to retreat from the battle with the help of Derriden Copswhet, but Seamus vowed he would kill him. After venturing back into the tomb, Seamus found a book of his lineology, learning more about House Zelvass.

Seamus participated in the war against Zahast, playing a large part in the defeat of the dragon. Seamus managed to completely avoid the horrors of the Grimhold Keep by using Veravine to grab a winged kobold containing a key to the cellar from the top of the hold, saving the party time and resources.

Seamus returned to Hymathel to both rescue Mange and protect his uncle. When the Peas stole back the Sallow Stone from Deowyn after learning of his devilish nature, Seamus was tracked by Gaval'sar, who attacked him both in the devil's tower and in the mountains of Taerin Ucarin. Seamus was finally able to separate the mage Derriden from Gaval'sar in the conflict, allowing him to murder Gaval'sar, chop off his head, and throw it at Derriden to kill him as well. Seamus minced Gaval'sar's body into tiny chunks, which he later mailed to the Sanarian Tax Agency. Seamus was present when the group was whisked away by the Nightseeker and teleported to the Tomb of Vortek, where despite Seamus' efforts, Vortek was revived, albeit weakened by the Nightseeker's artifice. Seamus quickly grew fond of Vortek's misguidedly violent nature, and fought with the demigod through legions of his own followers, though he eventually broke off to make it to the shoreline and escape the island. On the Isle of Twisting, Gnashing Things, Seamus met the adventurer Ulian Bowband for the first time, though they quickly left each others' company as Seamus sailed with the Peas to the south.

After braving the waters around the Isles of Wrath, Seamus entered the Ceon'tir Bastion, meeting with the commander, Relyan Velowyn. Relyan realized the significance of Seamus' blood and honored him as the true king of Sanaris, as all the knights of the keep did the same after Seamus was able to open a sealed room containing the kingdom's crown. Seamus promised to return to lead his people, but asserted that he needed to end the Nightseeker's plot before. Relyan pledged the allegiance of the Vigilant Dragon for whatever purpose Seamus required. After making a deal with Selathwin that required them to stay in the Isles of Wrath, Seamus threw a giant feast for the Bastion, commissioning chefs from Madrioc to deliver food through the Roomy Chest.

Seamus accompanied the Peas through the waters of the Isles of Wrath alongside a number of ley-affected individuals, eventually making it to Slaghead Island. Seamus teleported with the rest of the party to Fusalis, eventually making his way to the cave village of Shiesia and fighting off the occupying Dracohest. Seamus was with the group when they confronted the terrifying Ferazir, and fled after the party angered the dragon, finally making back to the Temple of the Earth and being directly exposed to a ley line. While in a ley dream, Seamus continually lived a thousand lives in which he chose to spare the innocent, but by doing so fueled a cycle of hatred and revenge as his consciousness moved to those he spared. He was ultimately faced with his indecision in becoming king, forcing him to steel his resolve and accept his responsibility.

Seamus played a large part in the Battle for the Sun, leading the charge against the Nightseeker. After being sped forward by the power of Krel'la Tavesh, Seamus engaged Balnar, and finally fought the Nightseeker at the center of her fort. As the Nightseeker neared the end of her ritual, a tired Seamus broke through her defenses and unceremoniously stood over her then feeble form, whacking away at her with gold swings until she ceased movement. Seamus then fled with the rest of the Peas, though he stopped briefly to vouch for freeing Vortek from a cage. He later returned to Dragon's End, where he helped throw a massive party for his friends that also served as a diplomatic mission that secured the help of King Elwar Dodren of  Falderheim and Halarain Ovastios, the deposed prince of Pallam in his plan to overthrow Sanaris.

Soon after, Seamus led the Vigilant Dragon into Pallam to overthrow the  House of Azdragast, in accordance with his deal with Halarain, beginning the Great Throne War. After Halarain was returned to the Pale Throne, he assisted Seamus in an all out attack against the borders of Pallam. Seamus launched a diplomatic campaign to secure the help of the Deadmarch, but negotiations eventually fell flat. The elven forest kingdoms of Sanaris also proved unhelpful, wishing to stay out of the conflict altogether; regardless, with the help of the Nightspell Moors, Falderheim, and Pallam, along with the tacit support of many Atavaran kingdoms, Seamus led his forces against the Sanarian military, slowly encroaching on the capital. The leadership of Sanaris eventually retreated to the capital and Seamus followed with his army; however, this was a ruse concocted by the Obsidian Guard, as they had been hiding their numbers in order to lure Seamus deeper into the nation to flank him with forces from the east and south. Seamus became trapped on Mount Sanar between the armies, but was rescued by the forces of Deadmarch due to the diplomacy of Wander and Journey. Seamus rallied his forces and continued towards the capital, but was eventually heavily injured by Palefire; however, due to healing he received from Phaelnah Ellarian, he managed to bounce back, wearing a suit of armor with Dirmsteel retreived by Tyerjon and reforged by Leadbelly Fargus. Seamus was able to lead his men in a final push against the capital surrounded by the Peas, taking the throne and fulfilling the right of his blood. As king, Seamus continued to lead his forces against the threat of Betaria, who began to utilize palefire in their military tactics. Though the ensuing battles eventually took the life of Seamus' friend King Dodren, Betaria was forced to retreat, receding back into the Dry Peninsula.

Seamus began a comprehensive reform of the governmental systems of Sanaris, returning them to a more typical monarchical rule, but less burdensome on the weak and poor. After abolishing the Sanarian Tax Agency and forgiving all outstanding debt, Seamus reformed the taxation of the nation to be more fair, toppling centuries of growing disparity in a matter of months. While the changes were jarring and led to hardship for many, Seamus was ultimately hailed as a hero of the people, especially appreciated for his humble origins. Under Seamus, relations with the surrounding nations became strong, and he organized a yearly meeting of diplomats and leaders of the kingdoms to cement the power of their relationships. One of the more controversial decisions of Seamus' rule was opening the borders between the Deadmarch and Sanaris, which is a continuing complaint amongst the king's detractors.


Seamus was once hounded by the Sanarian Tax Agency for taxes he owed on the property of his destroyed home in Bylhivar. It is likely that his name was utilized as a scapegoat, as under Sanarian records at the time he was reported as dead, and a friend of a powerful agent of the STA was living on the land tax-free. More credence is attributed to this as if he had been considered alive, the Shadow Guard would have likely pursued him much earlier than they did. Regardless, a collector knight named Corvel was assigned to hunt Seamus down. He owed 938 platinum, 3 gold, 5 silver, and 7 copper before he became king and abolished the STA for good.

Seamus is a distant descendant of the Zelvass family, the former ruling monarchs of Sanaris. As his blood is capable of unlocking many of the ancients secrets buried by the former royal family, Seamus was a target of the Khymal Set and the Shadow Guard. Seamus eventually embraced his destiny as king, overthrowing the corrupt Sanarian government and instating himself as a king of fair rule, despite replacing a democratic republic with a monarchy.

Notable Possessions

Krogdim's Deep Wine Glass - Seamus is quite fond of this item, filling it constantly with various alcohols.

Polymorph Amulet, Princess Turica Edition - In order to have a reliable disguise whilst moving throughout Sanaris, Seamus took this amulet from Avelos the Learned, appearing as Turica La'suras whenever he wore it. He referred to himself as Murica in this form. Eventually, Seamus gave the amulet to one of his trusted advisors, Vyloxen Shurilas.

Voidspeaker - Seamus managed to grab this off a large, powerful Storm Knight. He managed to forge a special relationship with the sword, as they often both wanted the same thing.

Kingkeeper - Seamus often took this powerful ancestral greatsword into battle.

Veravine - Once corrupted with powerful devil magic, Seamus had the bow cleansed to make up for his lack of range in combat. While he carried it throughout his adventures, it barely saw use as the half elf generally chose to settle things up close.

Tyerjon is a large, intimidating silver dragonborn barbarian, hailing from the far north reaches of Fusalis. He is a powerful warrior, but isn't much good at anything else. He once served as a guard for the Madrioc Commission, but quit his job in favor of adventuring with the Peas. Tyerjon has a strange naivety regarding many aspects of the world, but unnerving clarity about others. He is a man of extremes.


Tyerion is a large silver dragonborn, towering over most average people. His gleaming silver scales bulge from the mass of his muscular form, and his eyes are focused and full of fire. Tyerjon's lizard-like form is often intimidating to other humanoids. Having razor-sharp teeth isn't a particularly disarming trait. Tyerjon wears relatively simple clothes, usually the standard-issue uniform of the Madrioc Commission, with the orange, green, and blue colors of the city showcased on his shoulder as an identifying marker.

Tyerjon has a fiery personality that can be someone violent at times; he is generally focused on fighting things, and not much else. He has, however, showcased a few particular quirks, such as when he decided to by a bunch of crickets, and then went about naming them all and showing them to everyone he met.

Skills and Abilities

Tyerjon is a fantastic fighter. In battle, his strikes always seem to hit their targets. He is also quite swift, and moves across battlefields with great alacrity. However, in other matters not related to fighting, Tyerjon has shown himself to be utterly clueless.

Dragonborn Abilities

Tyerjon is capable of utilizing a frost breath attack, presumably a gift of his heritage.


Tyerjon has not shared a substantial amount about his history, but has explained that he is from the far northern reaches of Fusalis, and was apparently raised by goliaths.


Tyerjon wishes to uncover the circumstances of his birth. He has found out from the leader of the Bookkeepers Guild Eyles Hierto that his clutch was being traded in some sort of transaction that was taking place on the outskirts of the Dire Expanse. She told him that one of the members of the trade is currently living in Sanaris, a diplomat by the name of Eilon Terix.

Notable Possessions

Ancestral Sword - Tyerjon is in possession of an ancestral sword passed down through the generations of his goliath tribe.

Screaming Sword - Tyerjon bought this peculiar sword from Wander, unfazed by the damage the sword deals to the wielder.

Anti-vibers - Tyerjon purchased these special gloves from Vinn Vinnfeck at Vinn's Wares. The properties of these gloves allow Tyerjon to wield the Screaming Sword without the self-harming properties.

Firegel Applicator - Originally taken by Wander, the tiefling later gave the applicator to Tyerjon after witnessing the dragonborn's blindness during the battle outside Caedalir.

Wander is a tiefling rogue from the Kalhastian Empire in Atavar. He is cunning and charismatic, favoring artifice and elaborate plans to brute force. He was once the host of the powerful manipulator Etarus, but eventually was able to slay the devil, scattering his machinations to the wind. Wander in known as the "Ashen Assassin", the "Chained Slayer", and the "Immortal One". In addition, he has been granted a title of nobility in the kingdom of Sanaris, holds the position of High Observer in the Blinded Order, and is a lord of Kalhastia.


Wander is a somewhat tall, lithe tiefling. His skin is a dark, ashen grey, and his horns spiral upwards out of his dark, voluminous, wavy hair. His eyes are each one, full color; one is green, the other purple. His tail extends outwards behind him. He generally dons somewhat flashy vestments, which are in turn obscured under a dark cloak. Due to his interactions with ley energies, ash constantly falls from Wander's form.

Skills and Abilities

Wander is a smooth talker, if not a bit duplicitous in nature. He is quite stealthy, and a decent shot with a bow.

Forked Tongue

Wander's natural demonic charisma catches the unprepared off guard, often ingratiating them to him. Wander has showcased the ability to ease tense situations and even convince people to flee in the middle of a fight quite a few times.


Wander's history is mostly unknown, and what he has claimed in the past may not necessarily be the truth. He says that he originally came from the Kalhastian Empire, where he apparently worked for some sort of spy agency. Wander has stated his parents are still alive, at least as far as he knows. He has claimed he has amnesia, and is missing part of his life.

Wander was born in the Kalhastian Empire, where he was raised in a comfortable home by his mother and father.

In Iron 938, Wander entered the ranks of the Blinded Order, where he was trained in subterfuge and criminal activity. He worked as an agent in the empire for a time before being sent to work on an undercover operation in Eresain, where he was tasked with dismantling a cult of devilish activity. Wander's position was uncovered, and in Iron 949, the consciousness of the archdevil Etarus was bound into Wander's body, with his own mind seeking deep into a subconscious sleep.

Etarus used Wander's body to great effect to spread his operations across Atavar, Gessaria, and Weysol, seeking a method to pull his physical devil form into the Material Plane. In Iron 951, Etarus eventually piloted Wander's body to enter a ship to Gessaria, but due to intervention from the demigod Tarisi, Wander regained control as his ship left the dock, with no memory of how he got there.

Aboard the Dirty Whale, Wander spent about a month crossing the tumultuous Fissured Sea before making landfall on the Tevari Isles. He began working with the Peas here, accepting Kradva Ospen's quest to escort him to Madrioc as he attempted to deliver the Sallow Stone away from the Sufessian Dominion. During this time, he also began to have limited conversations with Etarus, who had been sealed away by Tarisi's magic, as he attempted to steer Wander into accomplishing his own designs.

Wander accompanied the Peas throughout their travels across the Nightspell Moors and Sanaris. During this time, Etarus attempted to manipulate Wander's actions, feeding him bits and pieces of useful information to coax him, and even promising the tiefling a place by his side should he assist him. Wander became swayed by Etarus' promises, and eventually the archdevil tasked the tiefling with stabbing the Ashen Talon into Inglis Alexandar, a man of particular interest to Etarus due to his time spent traveling through the Hellish Planes. In the battle that ensued following the Peas' exit from the Tomb of Zelvass, Wander eventually stabbed Inglis with his dagger, which allowed Etarus to transfer his consciousness over to the paladin. Etarus then led his devils against the survivors of the battle, namely the Divine Branch, eventually turning on Wander himself when he refused to hand over the Ashen Talon. Etarus was easily defeated by Wander and the Peas due to the injuries he had sustained from the battle, and the group elected to retreat to the Tomb, bringing Inglis/Etarus inside. Wander became jovial and upbeat, finally freed from the oppressive presence of the archdevil, but his celebration was short lived, as a Divine Intervention from Phaelnah Ellarian manifested an avatar of Aeltra that plucked Etarus out of Inglis, and returned him to Wander's. However, Wander discovered that the devil appeared to no longer hold any power over him.

Wander traveled with the Peas back to Madrioc, where he learned of the mounting tensions against the ancient black dragon Zahast the Vilespawn. Wander advocated meeting the dragon in battle to the Peas, an idea he had toyed with when he heard of the dragon during the party's first time in the city. Wander eventually got his wish in fighting the dragon as the party headed out into the Nightspell Marches to confront the beast. However, after drawing the dragon's ire with a series of taunts, Wander was slain by the dragon's potent acid, tearing a hole through his stomach. Phaelnah managed to revive the tiefling, and Wander managed to successfully cast Hideous Laughter on Zahast at a crucial moment, buying the party enough time to group up for a killing blow. The incident, however, left Wander with a large scar across his stomach, after the hole healed.

Wander continued his work with the Peas as they confronted the devil Deowyn Centhos, took back the Sallow Stone, and had it stolen by them by the Nightseeker, who used it to plunge the world into a permanent night. Wander fought in the Battle for the Sun, where he, along with the rest of the Peas, confronted the Nightseeker directly, eventually completely undoing her ritual.

In Iron 952, Wander returned to the Kalhastian Empire on the behalf of Seamus McHammerface in order to open up diplomatic relations between the Empire and the new monarchy of Sanaris. After procuring the support of Kalhastia and the neighboring kingdoms in Atavar, Wander returned to Gessaria to assist in the Great Throne War. Wander established a vast information network across the continent, which proved invaluable to the resistance, and later participated in the Siege of Sanar. Wander's help was invaluable to the Alliance, as he and Journey managed to convince the kingdom of the Deadmarch to join the fight against the Khymal Set.

In Iron 967, Wander returned to the Kalhastian Empire and accepted a position as a royal spy in the Blinded Order. His connections in the Empire provided him with a significant amount of influence that helped deploy the secret regiments to assist in the Shadow Wars. Wander is suspected to have fought in the wars himself, though these claims have been deflected by the tiefling.

In Iron 979, Wander was appointed as a personal advisor to the crown of the Kalhastian Empire. In accordance with this position, he was awarded the title of a lord of the Empire, given a plot of land in the capital of Adalhast, and received merits of nobility for his living family.

Grognock is a half orc monk that comes from the Monastery of the Mending Palm in Atavar. He has a finely trained body, but tacks tact in social scenarios. He has had a premonition of a dark future that he endeavors to prevent.


Grognock has an imposing height for a half-orc and stands high above most people. The orcish features of his face give him a stern look, considered monstrous by some.

Grognock has shown himself to be somewhat noncommittal with his faith, praying and making large offerings to multiple gods while also growing irritated when proselytized. He is apparently convinced he might be nobility.

Skills and Abilities

Due to his monastic training, Grognock's martial skills are finely honed. In battle, his reaction times are almost inhuman. Despite his imposing size, he is very difficult to land a blow on.

Magical Fists

Grognock has honed his skills to the point where he is able to infuse his strikes with the power of his ki, allowing him to hit foes using magic damage.


Grognock was trained at the Monastery of the Mending Palm, located between the kingdoms of Caldenvald and Utesh-Verik. At some point he left his home in search of adventure, later receiving a vision of a threat of chaos, and set off to Gessaria in order to face down this prophecy. He has a father named Baeloth Billingstooth, and a mother named Growlshrub.


Grognock seeks to challenge a dark prophecy he faces in his visions. He believes that the ancient enemy of his monastery, the demigod Vortek, is seeking to revive himself. He has discovered that an element of Vortek, the Sallow Stone, has been in the party's possession for some time. Grognock is haunted by vivid, terrifying nightmares every night of his home, family and friends being consumed by the flames of the demigod, surrounded by 7 shadowed figures.

Notable Possessions

Gem of Fists - allows Grognock to summon an ethereal fist to strike alongside him when using unarmed combat

Eugene Wormtail is a halfling "rogue" that hails from somewhere in greater Hazeron. He was extremely cowardly, daft, infantile, and ultimately worse than useless-most of the time, until he was chosen to be the champion of the God of Filth, Gulchax. He is a bit of a kleptomaniac, but doesn't seem to understand the worth of things, and thus he often carries junk around.


Eugene is a small, lanky halfling. Most of his body appears frail and thin, almost emaciated, save for his stomach, which is extremely large and round. Somehow, he manages to weigh upwards of 110 pounds despite his small stature. His dirty brown hair has receded, creating a crown that extends downwards on the back and sides. His face could only be described as ugly. It always seems that he is covered in some sort of slime.


Eugene did not appear to be competent at much, and many of his attempts to be helpful often backfire on the party. However, he occasionally displays moments of unexpected competence, apparently even surprising himself.

Since becoming the Gulchax's herald, he has been imbued with wondrous powers, and it much more capable than he used to be.


Eugene is quite deft with a lockpick, one of the few skills he is able to demonstrate consistently.


Eugene is very good at getting into others' pockets. His hands seems to naturally steal whatever is in their radius, regardless of value.

Pact with Gulchax

After entering a pact with the god of filth Gulchax, Eugene was bestowed with fantastic power. He attained the ability to instantly dirty any objects he was near, spray filth around the area, and even poison the minds of others.


Eugene came from extreme poverty, abandoned by his parents as a baby. He grew up on the streets, scraping by by saving everything he could get his hands on, and leeching off of those nice enough to offer him a kindness.

In Gessaria

Eugene stowed away in the hull of Lanwright Bodgit during the Crusher Crab attack, and thrown up onto the deck through a trap door. His screams engraged the crabs and prompted their attack. The majority of those on deck sought to save him, and in return he latched onto Phaelnah Ellarian back, attempting to tie himself to her with a chain and stealing one of her gold coins. He escaped in a dinghy to Tevari Port Town.

Tevari Isles

In Tevari, arriving at Kradva Ospen quest, and receives 4 gold, but tosses them in favor of filling his pockets with another bag of sand. He retires early, sleeping on the floor in Journey room, as she has taken a kind of master's role over him.

He accompanies William to his house to investigate the disappearance of his apprentice, but only attempts to find something to steal; however, he is caught by William, who gives him a glare of death. Later, while shopping in the town, He manages to steal a large amount of lint from a clothing store, and a vial of red liquid from general store.

On the way to Journey. She only accepts the earwax. In Kerimtin magic shop, he deftly steals a potion of lesser healing, as well as another vial full of a roiling liquid.

At the secluded shore when tracking down the kidnappers, he attempts to attack one of the bandits in a fit of bravery; however, he does not succeed in doing much of anything. Later he tries looting one of the fallen bandits, and finds a golden locket with a small picture of a woman inside.

After boarding the bandit ship with the party, Eugene mostly hid behind Journey; however, he made himself useful by picking the lock to the cell door in the lower deck, and some of the shackles binding Seamus McHammerface. When the party is attacked by the horde of gooey goblins, Eugene hides behind Journey, but almost enrages the ogre in the cell when he decides to blow his horn in an attempt to inspire those fighting. He eventually tries to throw one of his chains to aid Seamus, but it doesn't land anywhere near him.

Eugene is able to resist the strange power that puts the party to sleep, but after being unable to rouse anyone, decides to go to sleep himself.

Eugene helps to pick some locks aboard the bandit ship. In the forest, he ruins a stealth attempt by tripping over himself and ringing all his bells. In the bandit hideout, he attempts to sneak up on some bandits guarding a door, but falls flat on his face, alerting them. Upon meeting Kreegal, the two seem to display some sort of kinship.

In the fight against Kreegal, Eugene hangs back with Journey, and attempts to attack a bandit using his bucket. He is unable to fit the bucket over the bandit's head, but succeeds in distracting the bandit long enough so that Grognock could catch him off guard. Eugene was eventually thrown against the wall, but returned to attempt to cut at the bandit, this time using his iron dagger. Unfortunately, he only succeeded in swiping blindly at the air in front of him. He then decided to investigate the strange totem, dipping his dagger into it, and then dumping his bag of peas.

He managed to pick open the metal door containing Merin Lavelle.

Eugene discovered a hidden passage in the back room of the bandit hideout, which led back to the storeroom. He recounted his life, somewhat, in the hidden cavern as the party hid from the threats outside. He presented his spoon to William to be identified, and learned of its magical properties. After drinking the bumblaster ale in Advar's Tavern, he had to deal with the fallout in the morning.

Herald of Filth

On the way to the town of Dorim by ship from Tevari, Eugene was attacked by a Gulchax rescued the halfling, and established a pact with him - in return for a fraction for Gulchax's power, Eugene would travel the land, spreading the influence of his filth. Eugene made it ashore with the help of his newfound power, and helped to take care of the mysterious woman that attacked him.

He traveled with the party to Victor's Inn, where he helped to fight off the swarm of Nightlurker attacking the tavern. Influentially, he created a blanket of grease that Wander lit aflame, scattering the swarm.

In the morning, Eugene decided to help Elia return safely to her home. He flew off into the sky in a cloud of filth, blanketing the ground in dirt and detritus as be began his journey to Sanaris.

Service to Gulchax

At some point after departing from the Peas, either while on the way to Sanaris or sometime afterwards, Eugene established an obelisk in honor of Gulchax in the Muck of Madrioc, forcing many to leave their homes due to the stench and pollution. This obelisk was later disenchanted by Phaelnah Ellarian.

Eugene assisted Gulchax in creating special obelisks all over the continent of Gessaria, as well as assisting in destroying threats to his god. He established one of these obelisks in Madrioc, where is began to poison the area around it, making it uninhabitable. Phaelnah succeeded in disabling this particular one.

Eugene once again met the Peas on the road from Caedalir to Oashara, protecting half the party from a large mob of strange beasts made of blood. He had come to the area in order to destroy a cult that was attempting the summoning of a greater demon in service to Batrax, and was to take their altar and form it into a shrine for Gulchax. He decided to help the party recover their lost teammates, while also pursuing his own goals. Eugene assisted the Peas in making it up the altar, utilizing the various new skills he had learned over his time working as a herald. After rescuing the other peas, Journey convinced Eugene to establish his shrine elsewhere, in order to protect the forests surrounding the altar. After finding another suitable location, Eugene was commanded by Gulchax to return to the altar and create the shrine he originally asked for. Eugene complied the next morning, but his new fountain of filth was immediately undone by a powerful spell from Phaelnah. Eugene cowered in fear as his god manifested in an avatar to address the indignities against him.

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