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The Dark Embers are an elite group of wizards that conduct studies and experiments from the College of Buckhold under the direction of Oressa Halight, the Left Hand. The organization was created in 984 by the Left Hand to function as a experimental task force that also handled matters for Bucktuck City that could no be solved by the Grey Wings. Many consider the Dark Embers to be the personal guard of the Left Hand, similar to the Greyguard for the Right Hand. The members of the group all wear dark steel armor, similar to that worn by Oressa herself. As if they did not already have enough impetus to obey her, the Ossuate curses each of the Dark Embers with a twisted ring that forces them to follow her rule. The symbol of the Dark Embers contains the emblem of the Thousand King.

It was revealed that the Dark Embers were all subjected to a terrible necrotic magic that tore apart their souls, allowing them to never pass into the next realm and assuring their continued loyalty to the Ossuate. Their strange existence between life and death allows the Dark Embers to continually reconstitute themselves in the laboratory of the Splintering Halls, though the process is rather time consuming.

The Dark Embers have been rumored to be the cause of many of the curses afflicting Bucktuck City.

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