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The Grey Wings are the elite personal guard of Anise Taranil, which she utilizes in lieu of the Bronze Aegis. Generally donning resplendent silver armor, the Grey Wings are prevalent throughout the province of Atherdale, often taking up positions as town guards to supplant the Aegis. They are generally well-received by the citizens of Atherdale, who often hold disdain for the crown and its agents.


The Grey Wings are directly controlled by Lady Anise as a private guard, separated from any powers granted to her as the lord of Atherdale. As such, the Grey Wings, beyond any nationalistic tendencies, are in no way beholden to the crown of the Kalhastian Empire, and as their loyalty is paid for by Anise, could be considered mercenaries by some.

The command of the Grey Wings follows a simple hierarchical structure where there are several commanders that control small contingents of guards, and a captain that oversees the various separate groups. A special group of Grey Wings known as the Greyguard function as the personal guard for the Right Hand, denoted by the ornate gold trimmings on their armor.


The Grey Wings are a common sight in western Atherdale, especially in and around Bucktuck City, where they have effectively supplanted the purpose of the Bronze Aegis as the city guards. Their influence diminishes significantly the further to the northeast one goes, and are generally unseen past the Owlknot River.

In areas with a significant Grey Wings presence, the Aegis is usually nowhere to be seen, their purpose fulfilled by the Wings instead.

It has been noted that the Grey Wings have commissioned mercenary groups, traffickers, and other such individuals to do work on their behalf throughout Atherdale. 


The Grey Wings were founded in 971 IaC by Lady Anise Taranil, shortly after she became the lord of Atherdale. While their numbers were originally small, the scope of of their work soon grew from being Anise's personal guard to functioning as the primary defensive force of Bucktuck City. The Right Hand was chosen as the captain of the guard, leading his men with unrelenting loyalty to Lady Anise.

In Iron 984, the Left Hand was given a high position in the force.

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