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Eye-Man and the Cursebusters, also known as the Cursetakers, the Chaos Crew, and the Fuckers, are a group of members of the Claw of Arali that all arrived at the same time during their assignment to Cloverhall in Reedenford. The group became connected by completing various missions together, growing closer as their antics began to bring them notoriety in the realm. They are primarily active in the province of Atherdale, located in the western Kalhastian Empire.


The primary members of Eye-Man and the Cursebusters are as follows:

  • Caedali
    • A cursed consciousness occupying the body of the halfling Cora Merrywine. She is an adherent of Unavaranu, and acts as a shield and powerhouse of the party. Caedali is often the voice of kindness and concern in the group, though she is possessed by bizarre urges from time to time.
  • Ilryn Dewsong
    • A half elf warlock possessing violent arcana taught to her by the entity Avra. She is often commanded to do strange and disturbing acts in the name of her patron, but her great power is indispensable. Ilryn hails from the region of Meldas in the eastern Kalhastian Empire.
  • Kel Stevaen
    • An elven cleric of Patalir that hails from the kingdom of Lowind in the Heart of Est. Though she is blessed with great magical capability from her goddess, she has also been possessed to collect teeth in the throes of a mid-life crisis, a task that often seems to supersede her faith. 
  • Lambchop
    • A towering half orc barbarian with a nebulous past of thievery and contraband, all of which he remains blissfully ignorant of. He is the group's muscle and damage sponge, while also burning as a chaotic spark of creativity. He masquerades as the "hero" Eye-Man, named after the massive eye embedded in his chest.
  • Merjquinallurjafrey Acridoneypso
    • A half water genasi sorcerer born at the bottom of the sea who learned her powerful magic from a mysterious teacher. While she is self-absorbed, materialistic and somewhat sadistic, she often shows compassion to her friends, and is a skilled illusionist. Merja is being watched by the god Ragil due to her skill in pottery.
  • Steve Moran
    • A librarian-turned-wizard human hailing from the city of Celtermoon in Naravern. He is obsessed with the collection and study of books and tomes as well as all matters arcane, often at the expense of himself and others. While Steve's obsessions can prove disruptive, his vast knowledge is an undeniable boon to the party.

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