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Singing Steel is a special metal manufactured beneath the Singing Bloodkeep that possesses a number of unique properties. The exact method of forging the material is thought to be unknown as the creatures that tirelessly toil on its production each only work a small portion of a long and complicated assembly line. It is believed that a number of mundane ores are used in the initial smelting process, but by the time the final forge is completed, the Singing Steel possesses properties unlike any other metal.

An identifiable characteristic of the steel is a constant humming that can be heard when it is exposed to open air. When multiple pieces of Singing Steel are situated close to each other, they will form a harmony that grows louder and stronger as more pieces are added. This phenomenon appears to produce no other effects on its own, but many fear the voices of the blades as the raiding parties that wield them are known as "death choirs".

An incomplete list of the material's properties is as follows:

  • Magical in nature
  • Can interact with incorporeal beings
  • Extremely durable
  • Blades do not require sharpening
  • Humming from steel harmonizes with loud sounds in the vicinity
  • Those that use a piece of Singing Steel for an extended amount of time will often name it and assign a personality to it
  • Long-lived weapons and tools forged with the steel seem to retain these personalities between users
  • Pieces of the steel can be commanded to move through extremely specific tones and syncopations
  • Vibrations produced by the steel can shatter bones instantly upon contact, if the bond between the user and weapon is strong enough

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