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Jaergden Karkast is a large city located on the northernmost tip of Astrilane in Atavar. It is an ancient city with a rich history built up over thousands of years, with even more of it lost to time. While it is technically a part of the kingdom of Astrilane, it is a largely independent melting pot of many cultures and people from around the world.

Jaergden Karkast was built primarily on trade, mainly between East and West Atavar, but trades heavily with Gessarian and Fusalian kingdoms as well. While somewhat vulnerable as the city is completely surrounded by sea, the city has always been somewhat of a neutral zone of sorts, and its borders have generally been respected by warring states as a neutral zone. In tumultuous times past, Karkast was often protected by many of the other nations of Atavar when threatened.

The city is a hub of trade, functioning as a trading post for the nations of the world. It is one of the only ports of Atavar that has established and frequently traveled trade routes across the tumultuous sea to Gessaria, which in turn conducts trade with the nations of Fusalis. The seas to Ivosassick are also heavily traveled in order to connect routes to both southern Atavar and Weysol.

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