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The Splintering Halls is a large prison and experimental facility located beneath the College of Buckhold, controlled by the Left Hand. The facility was built around Iron 985 to function as a base for the Dark Embers and to hold the prisoners of interest that they captured. The magically infused stonework of the Splintering Halls are able to condense the anguish and suffering of those within into pure energy, which in turn fuels the Left Hand, otherwise known as the Ossuate.

In 989 IaC a powerful fey entity known as Erigor broke into the prison on the trail of his enemies, the Cursebusters. As a result of his actions, the Cursebusters were freed and proceeded to wreak havoc upon the halls, freeing a number of powered individuals. Notable among those released was the blue dragon Nepoznato, who tore through the earth to do battle with the Ossuate directly. 

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