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Peas Recap


Paladirzt 6th, 951

  • The Peas entered the portal made by Pheselyn Jylan to the Nevald District of Hymathel, alongside Ryla, Vyloxen, and the Rain Knight
    • After coming out into an alley, Wander obscured the party from sight after a somewhat raucous landing
  • The groups split, with Ryla’s group heading off to engage Weydelar Tallroot, and the Peas towards Nevalyda Phoslero
  • The group opted for a stealthy approach, and moved swiftly through the back alleys of the district, witnessing demonic horrors during their journey
  • Eventually, the group came face to face with a demonic humanoid with dark red skin and rather large, fleshy wings, cleaning up the area behind a tavern
    • Wander attempted to distract the demon with Matilda, but the imposing figure caught her out of the air and attempted to eat her.
    • Not distracted for long, the demon noticed the party, but seemed to believe that they were possessed by demons. Tyerjon stated that the group has looking for breakfast, so the demon invited them inside his establishment, attempting to feed them elf and rotten pig.
      • Phaelnah and Leadbelly managed to stomach the pig, but the latter became poisoned from it. Seamus and Wander lost it on the floor while Journey and Tyerjon “ate” the elf.
    • The party’s various reactions to the food roused suspicion from the demon, who looked at them quizzically as they hurriedly left
  • Eventually, the group made it to the area outside the water treatment facility where Nevalyda was working from.
    • The party snuck through the city streets, encountering some of the locals, along with some mindless manes.
    • The party arrived at the treatment facility, and Journey scouted ahead herself with invisibility, discovering Nevalyda inside barking orders at workers in Abyssal.
    • The Peas opted to go for a loud approach this time, with Tyerjon roaring out a fiery start to the battle with his potion of fire breath.
    • Nevalyda answered by attempting to capture Tyerjon in a sphere of water, but he escaped handily.
    • Phaelnah casted Silence on the area around Nevalyda, forcing her to retreat backwards as the others began mopping up the various demons and possessed elves in the area
    • Seamus went off on his own, slicing through a group of demons and elves
    • Nevalyda managed to catch most of the group in a Maelstrom, but Leadbelly’s use of the Storm’s Eye Reamer granted them an escape from the whirlpool
    • Tyerjon threw himself into the middle of the demons, slicing them down and burning through them with his fire breath
    • Taking some heavy damage from Tyerjon, Journey, and Phaelnah, Nevalyda began to run, but was knocked unconscious by Tyerjon, who managed to curb his bloodthirst for once
  • After investigating the demonic work being done with the barrels of bloody water, Journey headed down into the Roomy Chest to check on Mardyth, who looked to be on the verge of death
    • Leadbelly checked his bindings, still seemingly holding from Wander’s previous efforts
    • Wander attempted to divine the nature of the runes on the blood barrels, but was unable to wean much from them, instead electing to take some of the bloody water in a vial
  • Wander assisted Tyerjon with tying up and gagging Nevalyda, as well as taking some of her components.
    • Phaelnah discerned that the corruption could possibly be reversed with the correct rituals and magic
  • The group took a short rest to regain some health, remaining relatively undisturbed for the hour
    • At the end of the rest, a demon knocked at the door to the facility
    • Wander answered, deceived the demon, and slammed the door in his face
  • Wishing to purify the bloody stream, the group headed northwards, eventually coming upon the cause of the blood – a giant, obese demon bleeding from hundreds of gashes across his body
    • The group waited until a regiment of demons emerging from a barracks headed out, and went to engage the fat demon, with Tyerjon opening a giant gash in his stomach, bloodying the stream even more
    • Undeterred, Seamus attacked the demon as well, landing two powerful slashes that ended up covering him in blood.
    • Seamus began to bathe himself in the bloody waters of the stream until regaining his senses, until a taloned, demonic arm began to grow out under his left arm
    • Wander waded out into the bloody water with Journey riding on his Floating Disk, but was captivated by the water and began washing himself in it. Journey diluted the water with a Sleet Storm, allowing Wander to regain his senses and escape
    • Phaelnah casted Banishment on the demon, sending him back to the Abyssal planes. However, she casted Aeltra’s Healing soon after, taking damage and nearly disrupting the hold on the banishment.
    • With the demon gone and the nature in the area purified, the stream regained a clear, fresh color
      • Seamus drank the water. His arm continued to grow.
    • The group prepared to chop off Seamus’ new demonic arm
      • Tyerjon held the arm down as Leadbelly brought his hatchet down on the arm three times, finally cutting through, but not before Seamus took some severe damage.
      • Journey numbed the area with Frostbite
      • After a quick heal, Phaelnah cleaned and dressed the wound, noticing that there was bone that was still poking out of his side what the arm was.
    • The arm attempted to scamper away, but Journey managed to slow it and catch it. Wander eventually took it and splayed it open, draining the blood from it and seemingly killing it.
  • After investigating the empty barracks, the group decided to head to the temple, hoping to meet up with the others
    • On the way, Leadbelly received a worried message from Vyloxen, who expressed concern over Princess Turica’s (Murica’s) wellbeing, as he was unable to see her
    • He asked the group to meet him at the temple
    • Leadbelly grunted out a quick response, and poorly communicated this to the party
  • Sneaking their way through the town, the group came up upon the temple
    • Noticing some of the iconography painted in blood across the temple, Wander painted a four horned skull on his hands
      • Journey followed suit, and Wander drew the mark on Tyerjon’s hands as well
    • Eventually, the group spotted Vyloxen sticking out of a bush in the temple garden
      • The party made their way over, squeezing into the bushes with the other group
      • Ryla questioned Seamus’ presence, freaking out Vyloxen
      • Ryla briefed the group on the nature of the situation, and possible plans of attack as the Peas offered this abilities for planning
        • The group discussed Falis
  • Opting for a loud attack, the group prepared to storm the temple as the crimson beam of magic above the temple flared, and the sky grew dark as night

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