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Gather you boors, charlatans, perverts and lushes! Tonight we invoke a power greater and more primal than any god!

Durzick, or the Lying God, is a major god in Hazeron. His domains are lies, trickery, fun, and smoke. His symbol is often depicted as two circles crossing, one containing a star, the other containing a heart. He is known to be in a relationship with the goddess Zadara. Durzick is known for possessing his devotees to throw incredible parties.



Durzick is not known to prefer a particular form, usually possessing the bodies of his followers instead. Ancient depiction of Durzick depicts him as a man with many arms, all doing different things from pouring drinks to playing instruments to stealing. In place of his head is a billowing plume of orange smoke.


Under most circumstances, Durzick is a celebrant, and seeks to be the center of attention at all times. However, he has shown himself to be one of the most cunning and intelligent gods on multiple occasions, leading many to accuse his fun-loving nature as a ruse.

Beliefs and Systems

Durzick is mostly concerned with making sure people are having fun, but also loves to play tricks and tell lies. He is a very laid back god, and grants power on a whim. Unlike many other gods, Durzick does not seem to have any final ambitions, and simply wishes to make the world a more interesting place.

Some contend with this simplistic interpretation of Durzick's motivations, instead painting his as a masterful, if not altruistic, manipulator of worldly events and other godlike entities.


Durzick is actually a very popular god, but most do not worship him devoutly. His true devotees are usually thieves, conmen, assassins, drunkards, party goers, and occasionally politicians. 


  • Be the life, and bring merry
  • Better to lie, misdirect, and slander than get punched in the face
  • Share coin freely, and don't bother asking if you need some


Dragon Whisperer

During the end of the Age of Dragons, Durzick rose alongside many of the other gods as a manifestation of mortal whims and ideals. He participated in the great war against the Primeval Dragons as a trickster would, fooling the dragons' armies with misinformation and misdirection as his stronger compatriots would attack with their enemies exposed.

Years into the war, Durzick lamented on its brutal and unrelenting nature; while some gods reveled in the bloodshed and mayhem, Durzick simply wished for the threat to end. Seeing no way to overcome the dragons by sheer force, Durzick instead pretended to defect to their side under the pretense that he wished to swiftly end the conflict, which was in fact, the truth. During his time with the dragons, Durzick made quick friends with many of the dragons, primarily Hashastel, who also shared his opinions on the war. Durzick worked with the dragons to create a great sorcery that would empower all the dragons and allow them to crush the upstart gods; however, Durzick poisoned this magic during its final ritual phases, sending all the dragons into a great slumber. However, woven into this great spell was a mantra of protection that would obscure the dragons from the spiteful eyes of the gods, a token of the friendships Durzick had made among the dragons.

Durzick's was met with mixed reactions among the gods; Fectovarano disdained Durzick for denying him his absolute justice, while Alarin praised him for bringing peace. Nevertheless, Durzick's contributions to the war became lost to time in lieu of the more comfortable narrative that the gods had soundly destroyed the Primeval Dragons through sheer power.

The Love of the Wheel

Durzick once famously courted the goddess Irashi, showering her with gifts and praise. The results of their brief tryst led to a war that devastated numerous civilizations.

The Nature of the Lying God

To pray to Durzick means you're only looking to have a little fun. Even I have made offerings to the Lying God in my youth. But to worship another matter entirely. - Fectern Priest Gasavar

Notable Followers

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