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So many live in fear of an evil they cannot fathom or name. Its true form is just as baseless and undefined as the simpletons that dread it.

Batrax, also known as the Blood God or the Crimson Moon, is the god of the fourth moon, Batra, and is a god of death, cunning, pleasure, and blood. He is widely considered to be the prime engineer of evil in the world, spreading his hateful influence through multiple degrees of removal, rarely intervening personally. His symbol is commonly depicted as an eye with a needle through it, often just a line. He is often associated with the number 47 and the color red. Elevarani, Unavaranu, and Fectovarano, the other moons, are his siblings. Erudia is commonly considered his mother.



Batrax very rarely manifests, and most testimonies that claim to have witnessed him are generally dubious at best. Artistic depictions often portray him as a single eye, watching the world revolve from his moon.


Batrax is a passive god, preferring to have his work done for him by others. He subtly manipulates the people of the world in order to meet his goals, to whatever end.

Beliefs and Systems

Batrax's alignment is neutral evil. He is a mysterious god, and there are many interpretations of what he wants; he has many legions of worshipers that work on different goals, occasionally even against one another. Many scholars assume that Batrax has no specific desires beyond sowing the seeds of discord so that evil may grow from them.


Batrax will offer power to many types of individuals, regardless of their devotion to him, their station, personality, or race. Batrax's criteria for choosing who to bless can seem random and unfounded, as sometimes those that wholeheartedly devote their entire beings to him may find little in return. A surefire way to become a powerful servant of Batrax, however, is to join one of his dark orders of fallen priests and clerics. Devoted clerics of Batrax may eventually learn the dark arts of blood magic.


Batrax is worshiped by many animal men and lesser creatures. Most civilizations rebuke the worship of Batrax, so citizens will tend to worship their god in secret, doing their ill will in his name.

Batrax is known to individually organize cults across the world to sew mayhem on his behalf, rather than establishing larger institutions of religion.


  • Rather than devouring the fruit of malice, plant its seeds and tend to their growth
  • Without death, life is worthless. Remind the world of the value of life.
  • Indulge in desire, engage in pleasure. The cost to others matters not if you fulfill your goals.


Batrax's moon Batra moves unnaturally through the sky, sometimes moving in curves, suddenly reversing direction, sitting still, or sometimes not appearing for days at a time. Yet, consistently, every 47 days, Batra will have a full moon, and evil in the world will be at its apex.


Relationship with Un

In the early years of the Age of Gods, Batrax was known to openly quarrel with his sister, Unavaranu. Batrax held the opinion that Unavaranu's attempts to impose balance on the world was ill-founded and vain. Batrax soon receded from contact following a particularly violent altercation with Un, hiding away from the gods and machinating in secret.

The Eye in the Sky

Watching, watching, eye in the sky
47, 47, see it fly
Bleeding, bleeding, watch them die
47, 47, eye in the sky

Notable Followers

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