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The Thousand King was a powerful entity and infamous historical figure that arose during the first centuries of the Age of Iron and Chains. He was a pronounced antagonist of many kingdoms during this time but primarily focused his efforts upon the Kalhastian Empire, making multiple attempts to both overtake the kingdom and lead it into ruin. The Thousand King had a powerful ability that allowed him to grow in strength by branding his followers with a sinister tattoo that granted him might through their belief. This power allowed him to live an unusually long life. Although the Thousand King was presumably defeated in the 5th century when a coalition of kingdoms was established to drive him out, though his death was never confirmed.

Institutions around the world have led robust campaigns to purge the information surrounding the Thousand King from records so that he may be forgotten, ensuring his unique ability may no longer be utilized. Particular care has been taken to expunge the design of the tattoo, a crusade that has resulted in the destruction of libraries and colleges that have refused to alter their historical documents.

Skill and Abilities

While the exact nature of the Thousand King's power is a secret that has been expunged from the annals of history, a few aspects of his abilities remain in the common knowledge; mainly, that he could derive power from people's belief in him.

The well-educated and the long-lived might recall that there was significant power placed into the symbol of the Thousand King, and that it was capable of creating a direct connection between those it is placed upon and the Thousand King himself.

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