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Zevian, also known as the Tormented Ally, is a god of curses and the accursed. He is an entity shrouded in mystery that only reveals himself to wretched and twisted souls, primarily those under the influence of curses. Zevian endeavors to assist the accursed in enduring their hardships and growing stronger by them, though notably, he does not seem to wish to lift curses themselves. Many speculate that Zevian himself is the origin of all curses in the world. 

Worship of Zevian is often considered taboo due to his public perception as a cursed being. Any organized religions of Zevian were expunged during the Broken Age, though it is not uncommon for those whose lives have been touched by Zevian to group together in cult-like communities.



Zevian has not been known to take a physical form, a characteristic that dates back to the Age of Gods. More often, he speaks directly into the minds of his followers, or though cursed objects and monuments. Regardless, Zevian is generally depicted artistically as a headless man with a heavily scarred body, with his outstretched arms chained to his ankles. From his hands pour a sickly blood that symbolizes the pain he causes himself to aid the accursed, as drinking the blood of Zevian is believed to provide individuals with great strength.


Zevian is extremely secretive and ambiguous in his intentions, and those who speak with him often feel uneasy, as if he is hiding something sinister or terribly important. Regardless, when taken at his word, Zevian is an incredibly active, helpful god, though he generally limits his kindnesses to those afflicted by curses. Zevian is known to be incredibly protective of the accursed, who he considers his 'family'.


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