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Nettleberry was a human necromancer and a contact of the Lonely Fingers. A practiced user of magic, while she often offered her abilities in exchange for gold, in truth she just reveled in causing chaos. Nettleberry was capable of raising numerous powerful undead, including a giant skeleton covered in blood. She apparently sought the magic of a specific wizard, and was intrigued by Steve Moran's spellbook.


Nettleberry was a young, attractive human woman with long, raven hair, pale skin and grey eyes. Her face was generally twisted into expressions of glee and laughter, though it was accompanied by sadistic undertones. She primarily wore a rather revealing black dress that hugged her form, as hell as the skull of an elk as a hat.

Nettleberry often feigned ignorance, masquerading with a thinly veiling childlike personality, with a grim sadism beneath it. She reveled in chaos, gleefully laughing as she brought pain and ruin to others, barely even concerned for her own safety. Even at the brink of death, Nettleberry simply laughed at her aggressors. Where this was due to insanity or confidence was unclear.

Skills and Abilities

Nettleberry was a powerful wizard and necromancer, capable of controlling many undead simultaneously. Additionally, she was capable of other feats of magic, such as drying up the water that filled the entirety of the Eldag Dungeon.

Bloody Magic

When Nettleberry engaged in her powerful necromancy, her veins surged and filled with glowing red magic, an act that apparently took a toll on her body. However, she was able to restore her power by sapping the strength of others. He blood magic was capable of summoning and controlling a large skeleton of blood, as well as a small horde of powerful undead.


In 989 IaC, Nettleberry was hired by the Lonely Fingers to clear the water out of Eldag Dungeon so that they could retrieve an artifact being sought by the Grey Wings. After the artifact's retrieval, Nettleberry joined the Lonely Fingers in waiting for their contact to arrive with their payment, but grew increasingly bored as the weeks went by.

When a group of Claws from the guild base Cloverhall arrived with the intention of stealing the artifact, Nettleberry took the opportunity to create some chaos. As the guild members had disguised themselves as undead to poison the Lonely Fingers against her, Nettleberry rolled with it, embracing them as her "children" and attacking the mercenaries with her powerful zombies. As she reveled in the destruction, she noticed the wizard Steve Moran's spellbook, taking a grave interest in it as her demeanor shifted drastically. However, she did not foresee an attack by Caedali, who nearly killed her in a single strike. After being knocked unconscious by Ilryn Dewsong, she was stabbed to death by Caedali, and turned to ash after a magical amulet was removed from her neck.

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