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The Bronze Queen


Arenora Valemoon is the current queen of the Kalhastian Empire as of 989 IaC. Queen Arenora draws her lineage through the long-lived Valemoon family, handed the crown at a historically young age by her father, Fauster Valemoon in Iron 962. During her tenure as queen, Arenora has sought to update the infrastructure of her kingdom by paving new roads and securing new settlements for resources; however, her acts have in turn increased taxation throughout the Empire, lowering her popularity among those living in remote settlements. Regardless, she has otherwise been seen as a fair and compassionate queen, and recently she has focused on a reform of the Kalhastian legal system, primarily lowering the severity of punishment for petty crimes. Arenora is well-known for her tight, black ponytail and extremely pale face.

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