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Rorug Fletsworn is a tall, thin half orc archaeologist working as a Pincer of the Claw of Arali stationed out of Cloverhall in Reedenford. He is contracted to study the various ruins in the province of Atherdale, a posting he takes rather seriously. He is an odd fellow of peculiar fashion sense and disposition, and is endlessly devoted to his research, claiming that "all ruins belong to me".


Rorug is a tall and thin male half orc, skinny almost to the point of frailty. Coupled with his large frame, his body appears lanky and stretched. He has dark green skin and neatly cut short black hair that parts symmetrically down the center. He wears a set of thin glass spectacles connected to a silver necklace, as well as an earring on his left ear bearing a symbol that looks like a shattered hand. His dress changes from day to day, and is usually a myriad of mismatched colors and fashion senses. Along his belt are a number of glass bottle containing suspended multicolored lights, perhaps of a magical nature. He carries a tidy looking leather pack, and a brilliant silver rapier with him, alongside a longsword with a hooked end and a small bow.

Rorug has a strange and disconcerting personality that can be unnerving for those around him. He tends to repeat what he says multiple times, and will even repeat back what he has just been told, as if he is telling it to someone for the first time. He will occasionally reset a conversation entirely if he does not appreciate the way it is going. He may be described by some as insane, making snap judgements and hold stubborn grudges while also changing his mind in an instant. Rorug is ceaselessly devoted to the study of ruins, and incessantly looks for new opportunities of discovery.

Skills and Abilities

Rorug is a well educated student of history, and a decent duelist. He possesses enough skill to have climbed the ranks of the Claw of Arali. Most of his prowess in combat is actually granted to him by the soul of Ragathor Willworth, which he uses to supplant his consciousness and have the spirit fight his battles for him.

Rorug seems to possess a studied understanding of archaeology, through his ability to decipher foreign languages is somewhat lacking. He can, however, translate Kharvat, the language of the Khazra.


Rorug began working through Cloverhall in Iron 982, after transferring from his previous post in Nightrook.

In Iron 989, Rorug met the Initiate Lambchop, who mentioned the Foxmoon Cairn in passing. Rorug became obsessed with the idea of having a partner to explore ruins with, and began concocting a a forced bond with the half-orc, much to Lambchop's dismay. Rorug continued to stalk the new arrivals to Cloverhall, especially Lambchop, over the weeks, eavesdropping on their conversations and interjecting with irrelevant trivia or comments on his "brotherhood" with Lambchop.

Rorug would later invite himself along with the Initiates on their mission to Thaloss Zinir, stating that he could show the group the way to the Foxmoon Cairn as they traversed the forest as well as expressing interest in the Khazran crypt. Rorug's presence became especially grating to the party, as he stubbornly demanded he have his way, placing the group into a number of perilous situations. More directly, he began to threaten the life of Kel Stevaen after she referred to him as a coworker instead of a friend; somehow, Rorug took this as a grave insult, and evidence that Kel was dangerously unstable. During the group's journey to the crypt, he would make multiple attempts to isolate and murder the cleric.

When Rorug arrived at the Foxmoon Cairn with the Initiates, he took with him the golden idols of a bear, a snake, a dragon, and a bass. After being attacked by Erigor on the road, he used the soul of Ragathor Willworth to provide him an edge in battle, accomplished by smashing a glowing bottle across his own head. This simultaneously amazed and disturbed his traveling companions, who began to question why Rorug was apparently carrying around trapped souls. Rorug would later accompany the group into Thaloss Zinir, where he quickly became separated from the party, wandering the halls on his own. At some point in the crypt he entered a state of manic rage, perhaps a result of a different soul, going on to attack Caedali after she freed him from behind a gated door. Rorug was soon after overwhelmed by a flood of undead, and looked to have been destroyed with no trace after causing an explosion, enveloping himself and the adventurers Abwe and Serasha.

According to Tamidilly Rideonvattle, Rorug always seemed to survive even the most deadly scenarios, somehow.

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