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Lady Anise Taranil, often referred to as Lady Anise, Lady Taranil, or Lord Taranil, is the current acting lord presiding over the province of Atherdale. She draws her lineage back through the Taranil family, which has held control over Atherdale for generations. Anise has a decent reputation among her constituents, and is fervently supported by the citizens of Bucktuck City, where she resides. She is well known for sporting the colors of silver, black and gold, and her loyal regiment of silver knights, the Grey Wings.



Anise is an adult human woman of greater than average height and a strict, composed stature. She has short, wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and fair skin. Anise generally wears a kind, understanding expression, though this can quickly change to a stern glare given her mood. She is almost always seen in regal clothes that are primarily silver or grey, accented with black and gold.


She is often seen as kindhearted and generous among the people of Bucktuck City, but adopts a stern and serious disposition when dealing with topics of great importance. She is focused and determined, and wields her authority like a weapon, expecting those she considers beneath her to pay her proper respect. She is controlling in nature, and tends to command the pacing of conversations.

Skills and Abilities

Lady Anise presides over Atherdale, and commands a distinct amount of power as a result. Anise has a personal guard of great size that patrol the streets of Bucktuck City. It can be assumed that she has connections across her province, and potentially beyond.


Lady Anise Taranil came into power as the lord of Atherdale at a young age in 971 IaC, following the untimely death of her father. As her mother was not of appropriately noble blood, and her only sibling had gone missing years before, Anise was chosen as the ruler by the Bulwark of Utheriath. Lady Anise refused to be puppeted by her advisors, and led a sweep of all the leadership positions in Bucktuck City and Atherdale, placing loyalists in key positions throughout her government. She razed the old city offices in her city, building instead the Grey Tower, where her personal guard the Grey Wings could operate from.

In Iron 989, Lady Anise participated in the Owlspring Festival in Bucktuck City, riding a float bearing her family's colors to raucous applause. Following an attack against the Bronze Aegis later in the parade, Lady Anise was quickly moved to a safe location by her knights.

Later in the year, Lady Anise met with the Cursebusters, confronting them for their interference with her various activities around the province, including freeing the Thin Man from capture and stealing the Nepoznato from the Lonely Fingers. She hinted that the group's ill advised actions had resulted in the death of Tarmen Elcox, and accused the group of consorting with her enemies, claiming that her Grey Wings had spotted them entering the Serpent's End in Reedenford. However, given that the group had also assisted her people in killing a raiding army of gnolls, securing stolen goods for the city, and capturing a notorious thief, she decided to overlook the group's actions for the time being, claiming that "events had been set in motion regardless". She dismissed the guild members with a grave warning to never cross her again, or to leave the province if they felt they could not help themselves.

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