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Mayor of Reedenford


Tunban Fetterly is the human mayor of the town of Reedenford. He is a well off and well fed man, and his greedy nature has led to his vast unpopularity among the people of the town.


Tunban is a large and round man that wears fine clothes. The simple act of walking tends to work the man into a sweat. He has greying, sparse hair and multiple chins of fat that fold under his concerned face. Tunban has fearful, green eyes.

Many believe Tunban to be greedy and cowardly, choosing to hide away in his tower rather than interact with his populace. Tunban is in fact incredibly fearful of the people in town, paranoid that some force is plotting to take his power away. Tunban isn't terribly bright and easily misled if other corroborate his train of thought. Tunban is generally untrusting of those that don't cooperate with his stubborn intuitions.


Tunban was placed into his position as mayor in Iron 987.

In Iron 988, Tunban began levying hefty taxes onto the traders coming through the town, leading to a flatline in the growth of the trade industry. This has contributed to much of his unpopularity amongst the townspeople.

In Iron 989, Tunban put out a lasting bounty on bullywugs through Cloverhall, promising 2 gold for every bullywug eye. In addition, after the wolf attacks in Rostern and the giant toads in Highentun, Tunban set out bounties for the heads of the beasts. However, all along he spoke ill of Cloverhall, attempting to blame many of the town's woes on the guild in the midst of his own massive unpopularity.

After the poisoning of Dunavar Lexhand, Tunban hired a group of Initiates from Cloverhall to investigate the death, after an outcry by the townsfolk. When the Initiates returned with an incriminating letter implicating Nuniel Masselby (with her name temporarily changed to Jinjle Steievee by an illusion) in the murder of Dunavar while working alongside the Blinded Order, Tunban began an information gathering campgain to root out any such conspiracies in the town.

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