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Clover Claw
Player Character


Caedali, also referred to as Cora Merrywine, is (currently) a halfling paladin and an Initiate of the Claw of Arali, where she works out of Cloverhall in Reedenford. Caedali is an earnest and righteous paladin in service of the goddess Unavaranu, for whom Caedali must collect knowledge in return for her power and protection. Caedali is generous, kind, and driven. However, much of Caedali's outward appearance is a cover for her curse, which transfers her consciousness to anyone that kills her. She currently occupies the body of Cora Merrywine.



Cora is a stout, chubby halfling woman with honey gold curly hair and lightly tanned skin. She has a large scar on her chest, close to her heart. She is somewhat muscular, especially for her size, which falls around 2.5 feet tall. Cora wears chainmail emblazoned with the symbolism of her goddess, Unavaranu, and carries a large pack filled with all manner of interesting objects and books.


Cora is kind, righteous, and earnest. She values honesty and straightforwardness, and makes attempts to do right by those around her. Her generous nature, however, can often leave her lacking as she tends to give too much. When her limits are pushed too far, her positive disposition gives way to a dark fury.

Cora harbors a deeply founded hatred for hags and witches.

Skills and Abilities

Cora is a paladin trained in martial combat, and is handy with a number of weapons and fighting implements. She is rather strong, but is more sturdy than anything else. Throughout her travels, Cora has collected a vast amount of knowledge to offer to her goddess.

Cora is studied in the religions of the world, and knows a fair amount regarding various gods.


Caedali was afflicted with a powerful curse in the past, likely by the witch Soulstitcher, that forces her consciousness to take over the bodies of those that kill her. At some point Caedali was killed by the goblin Osh, who was in turn killed by the true Cora Merrywine.

Caedali quickly grew uncomfortable with Cora's relationship with Connor Bramblemoon. When she left to join the Claw, she did so in part to escape Connor, as her travels would take her far away from him, though her main focus was on investigating her curse.

Cora joined the Claw of Arali in Iron 989, working with Lambchop in the guild trials and eventually being placed in Atherdale to work out of Cloverhall as an Initiate. Cora completed a number of missions out of Cloverhall with her fellow Initiates, some of which resulted in near-death scenarios for the halfing, such as when her body was pierced by the magical weapon Lightstake. After earning some notoriety in the guild and playing a part in neutralizing the source of undead coming from the crypt of Thaloss Zinir, Cora became a Claw of the guild, certified by Darrod Lightvane.

After helping to retrieve the Nepoznato from Eldag Hollow, Cora and the other Cursebusters were ambushed by a group of goblins raiders, angry that the party had taken out their ambush from before. Cora, upon seeing the leader, Gutbowl, became possessed by a bizarre bloodlust, bee-lining towards the goblin at her own personal peril. Eventually killing Gutbowl, she then cut off his hands and stung them like beads around a necklace made from his entrails, which she wore for a number of days before she was able to fight the desire to keep in on.

In Bucktuck City, Cora fell under the influence of Zevian's Nail, and became overwhelmed with the insatiable desire to collect curses. She later returned to Reedenford where Connor had tracked her down. Cora attempted to explain her curse to him, but had little success in getting him to understand.

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