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Clover Claw
Player Character


Steve Moran is a human wizard and an Initiate of the Claw of Arali, where he works out of Cloverhall in Reedenford. While numbered in years, Steve retains a keen thirst for knowledge in any form that it might take, willing to subject himself to perilous danger in order to slake his hunger. He is fond of any form of written word, no matter how mundane. Steve carries a dark spellbook that he has used to teach himself magic, one of the last surviving texts from his old library, the Lunar Referent.


Steve is an aging human man with loose, light skin, grey, balding hair, and a hunching stature. He generally dresses in robes or simple clothes, and occasionally wears a set of spectacles. Still, he is relatively fit for his age, capable of surprising feats of dexterity. Currently he wears a fine black pork pie hat with a dark, form-fitting suit.

Steve is almost single-mindedly focused on the obtainment and consumption of written media, no matter the form it may take or how relevant the material is. While he holds a more potent desire to learn of all things magical, he appears to appreciate any written word. While less attractive to him, Steve is also fond of learning outside of reading, though when there is nothing else to catch his interest, he becomes quiet and despondent.

Skills and Abilities

Steve is terribly well read, to the point that should he encounter any sort of topic unknown to him, he could locate a book that would elucidate the material in a reasonable amount of time. Additionally, Steve has mastered a great number of different languages, and is also a fledgling practitioner of magic.


Steve has mastered many languages, including some dead and rare ones. So far, he has displayed an understanding of Common, Elvish, Abyssal, and Kharvat. Additionally, Steve's skill with language allows him to create masterful ciphers that are incredibly difficult to break, and he himself is rather skilled at deciphering others.


Steve was once the head librarian of the Lunar Referent, a modest but well-kept library located in the city of Celtermoon. Steve spent most of his time reading as his slack was picked up by his dedicated assistant Joy Astrosla. In Iron 988, the Lunar Referent burned down under mysterious circumstances, and Steve set out into the world in pursuit of the study of magic, a topic he had recently become intrigued with.

In Iron 989, Steve eventually came to join the Claw of Arali, seeking hidden knowledge in their ancient libraries. Despite his age, Steve seemed to be unfazed by the risks to his life, seeing the potential for information as a worthy enough prize. Steve began to work with the other Initiates to accomplish guild missions, and started to make a name for himself. However, Steve's absent minded nature often landed him in strange scenarios, such as when he followed a group of adventurers south for days believing they were members of the guild, only to find out later they had no relation. He spent most of his free time studying the books in Cloverhall, as well as unlocking the secrets of magic in his own books.

Eventually, after helping to neutralize the source of undead from the crypt of Thaloss Zinir, Steve was awarded the rank of Claw by Darrod Lightvane. During his time in Thaloss Zinir, Steve discovered a book of necromancy that cursed him as he read it; this anxiety would later lead him to spend time identifying an artifact that was sought by the Beetleman. Steve learned that the artifact, a strange crystal, functioned as a power source, and apparently held a soul. Despite his worry, Steve handed the artifact over Beetleman, in fear of his wrath.

While at Cloverhall, Steve received a letter from his former assistant Joy, updating him on the process of rebuilding the Lunar Referent. However, located in this letter was a hidden cipher that communicated the message, "you have what they're looking for."

When the Cursebusters were attempting to retrieve the Nepoznato from Eldag Hollow, Steve's dark spellbook was noticed by the necromancer Nettleberry. She moved to attack Steve, but was taken down by Caedali before she got the chance. When Steve began looking through Nettleberry's spellbook, he noticed her spells were very to his.

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