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Clover Claw
Player Character


Kel Stevaen is an elven cleric of Patalir and an Initiate in the Claw of Arali, where she works out of Cloverhall in the town of Reedenford. Kel is generally a detached pragmatist that defers to the teachings of her deity to conduct judgement, but is prone to getting caught up in schemes and idea. She is currently trying to figure out her life.



Kel is a lithe, tall elf with brown eyes, brown skin and white hair. Freckles are peppered across her face under her short, pixie cut hair. She is generally dressed in the vestments of her faith, primarily sporting various shades of blue and white. Kel has a large burn scar around her neck from when she was strangled by Erigor.

Kel generally attempts to adopt an aloof and detached demeanor, and can often come of as cold and unfeeling. This may stem from her religious education under the tenets of Patalir, of whom Kel is a (mostly) devout follower. However, she is prone to getting caught up in the energy and chaos of others, leading her to become more animated and carefree in nature. This is perhaps a symptom of her identity crisis, which has begun to emerge through her time in the guild. While she tends to approach problems diplomatically, ever since becoming enamored with a magical sack of teeth, her inhibitions have eroded somewhat.

Skills and Abilities

Kel is a skilled wielder of Patalir's magic, and is also capable of performing various rites specific to her goddess. She also has a fair amount of religious knowledge, and is a decent conversationalist.


Kel was raised in an elven kingdom located in the Heart of Est, a forested land in western Fusalis. She was instilled with a deference to the goddess Patalir from youth, and was trained as a member of the Frozen Priesthood. After hundreds of years in service to Patalir, Kel began to suffer a crisis of idenity, and later left her home, traveling south.

In Iron 988, Kel began the trials necessary to join the Claw of Arali, eventually becoming a certified Initiate in 989. Kel was placed in Cloverhall, a modest guild base located in the remote province of Atherdale. Kel began making a name for herself by completing various guild missions alongside her fellow Initiates. While traveling, Kel was accosted by a man who demanded the party's teeth, and began throwing canines at them, which nearly killed the group's horse. After dispatching the man, Kel later claimed the sack of teeth he was carrying, and after learning of the sack's magic, began compulsively harvesting teeth from deceased creatures around her.

During a mission to free the town of Rostern from strange wolves controlled by the Green Hand, Kel met the scared child Merilann Nostern and used the powers of Patalir to lift the child's fear. Kel later forged a relationship with Merilann, taking the child on as her "apprentice", and making her conduct research on magical teeth as "training".

After Kel assisted in neutralizing the effects of an artifact that was generating undead from the crypt of Thaloss Zinir, she was awarded the title of Claw for her efforts by Darrod Lightvane, along with a warning that the Empire was a dangerous place for elves. From Merilann's research, Kel learned of another magical bag of teeth that could provide powers to those that implanted the bag's teeth into their own mouths. According to legend, the powers of the teeth were great and calamitous, capable of destroying an entire city. While the bag itself was lost to time, apparently, a former user of the bag was being contained within the Prison of the Chained Flame, an ancient prison built inside the still-living body of the demigod Alurkhet.

During Kel's trip to Eldag Hollow, she became fond of Ayla Raddock, despite the cold and unfeeling nature of the thief. However, she also liked the mercenary Soup, and became torn when she had to choose to assist one or the other. Kel eventually responded by not responding at all, almost allowing herself to be mauled to death by a ghoulish undead before she was saved by Ilryn Dewsong and Caedali. This near death moment helped Kel reconnect with her faith somewhat, and she began using the power of Patalir more often, though she still had an obsession with teeth.

On her way to Bucktuck City, Kel performed burial rites on Dathon, a seckpin addict that Lambchop had accidentally killed the day prior. In the city, Kel caught the eye of Evelforth Pyhrrus, who recognized her faith, even though she was not in her robes at the time. Kel accepted a dinner invitation from Evelforth.

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