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  1. Lokacije

The New Republic of Bēti


Recent History
The “New” Republic of Bēti, usually just referred to as Bēti (literally translated as "Home" in the forked tongue, is actually one of the older nations currently in existence on Oerth. They largely managed to stay out of the direct conflict of the Imperial Wars, being the only nation to really do so (mainly because they were feeding all sides of the conflict with weapons, drugs and various other things, so the Wars were an incredibly lucrative business opportunity for them.) Since then they have developed into the second largest economy on Oerth (behind the Troll Empire) despite their nation's small land area. 
General Description
The country is entirely tropical, with a huge fungal forest in the west, in which is nestled the capital city of Ādīsi Geneti.
Bēti is a commercial powerhouse, with nearly all goods from the Southlands passing through their waters at some point or another. Much like the Empire it is a merchant nation first and foremost, though unlike the Empire it refuses to get directly involved in conflict, even less so after acknowledging the damage the Imperial Wars did to Tir and the Empire. 
Crime Issues
Bēti is relatively peaceful, but is not without flaws. Many of its most powerful companies are in the pockets of the numerous crime bosses and gangs that dominate the sprawling lower class areas of its cities. Adisi Geneti especially is infamously a mess of gang violence and organised crime in its poorer districts, and while the PRU do attempt diligently to protect the people, they can only do so much and thus the problems of the nation continue unabated.
Bēti originated as a splinter of the oppressed Chameleon people from the UPP,  combining the old Dezraeli worship with more modern Trollish forms to create a culture that is vastly different. For this reason the two nations intensely dislike one another, with UPP vessels sinking Bētin merchant ships heading for Ska'kil or even just passing close to their waters headed somewhere totally unrelated. 
Bēti has a sizable permanent population of High Elves, the majority of which are, or are the descendents of, Imperial Wars refugees. Bēti attempts to stay out of the current political strife hanging over the former Kingdom, but keeps their doors open to Tíran refugees just in case something kicks off. 
Troll Empire
Bēti is generally ambivalent about the Empire, which serves as both its main trade rival and main trade partner, as its leaders feels that two economies of their sizes have no real reason to stand off. The two fairly regularly exchange goods but there is no formal alliance between the two of them and Bēti refuses to get involved in any of the Empire's politics unless it directly affects them. Much of the trade from the Empire travels through the Straits of the Moon to get from The Old World to The New World, and as such is taxed in Ch'erek’a, raising large sums in taxes for the Republic.
The highly isolationist nation has Bēti as their only true ally, and while Bēti avoids getting directly involved with the usual spats of Manzili sabre rattling against the Empire they do supply Oerth's second most powerful nation with weapons and alchemy ingredients, something which has been a subject of much scrutiny from the Council of City Governors but which Bēti maintains is strictly business. 

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