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The Imperial Protectorate of the Kingdom of the Faerie Isle


Recent History
The oldest continually-extant nation on Orth, the Kingdom of the Faerie Isle has fared surprisingly well under the Imperial eye. Following the Imperial Wars they have regained their independence to the point of functioning much as they did for the thousands of years before their annexation, albeit now with a notably larger Troll military presence on their borders and membership to the Imperial Council of City Governors

The islands major population centre following the abandonment of The Great Henge is Iascach. However, the nation's capital city is Síocháin due to the Royal Palace and Houses of Parliament being in that city, the capital having been moved there following the city's founding as a peace symbol. The Great Henge is now a burial site for kings, and one of the most sacred sites on Orth.
General Description
This is an island of green meadows and valleys, lush deciduous forests and breathtaking natural beauty, much like its neighbour and close historical ally The Kingdom of Tir

Political Classification
The Kingdom of the Faerie Isle is an absolute monarchy which functions as an autonomous self-governing protectorate of the Empire, while not being part of the Empire formally.
Political Situation
While the political situation in the Faerie Isle is far more stable than in other areas of Orth, there are still some major issues. One is the Royal Family of House Maoilriain harbouring Lady Selene Quinnlee, a direct descendent of the first Tíran King Virion I Quinnlee and de-facto Duchess of Caislean, as a political refugee within the Royal Palace at Síocháin and refusing to let any Trolls anywhere near her for fear of them assassinating her. 
Another is House Maoilriain's sending away of their middle child, Princess Shayla, to a boarding school in The New Republic of Bēti. This was apparently done by Queen Titania to prevent her illegitimate daughter (who had been legitimised by King Oberon I shortly after her birth) from having any chance of inheriting the throne. This action has been under some considerable public scrutiny throughout the Empire due to the Princess’ rising popularity with the general populace. Shayla has since left Bēti and taken up permanent residence in the Grand Duchy of Tír, where she currently holds the noble title of Countess of T'Kashire and a seat in both the Tíran Parliament and the Grand Imperial Advisory Board. Meanwhile, the King and Queen are not currently on speaking terms and are instead hurtling towards an extremely messy divorce. 
Despite these quibbles, the Faerie Isle is probably the most stable area politically speaking of the Old World outside of the city of Mor’Koc itself. This is primarily because the Maoilriain family have been startlingly good on the whole at keeping their people. The nation thrives under its leadership and when the Empire eventually falls it is almost certain the Faerie Isle will continue in much the way they have. 

Highly Libertarian 
The Fae are known to be a highly accepting and egalitarian race. They were the first nation on Orth to legalize homosexual marriage, and have strict punishments against racial, sexual and gender discrimination. They often draw ire from the more conservative Imperial governments for their highly progressive ideals. They famously only have four crimes punishable by death - assassination of a member of the Royal Family or household (though interestingly only if it is successful), mass murder (including genocide), desecration of the Great Henge (understandable as this is one of the few sites on Orth considered holy by nearly all religions), and - most famously - killing a unicorn. The last one is mainly due to the fact that unicorns are endangered to the point of near extinction and considered holy to both Herne and Leannan. Only the second and fourth of these have ever had to be carried out, and the latter only once. 
Nearly all of the Fae noble families are Faeries. While this normally wouldn't be a problem, there are a very small but outspoken collection of families that are not fans of the Royal Family or the free love ideal of their people and are focused on not mixing the “noble blood” of the Faeries with the “dirty blood” of the Pixies. Queen Titania is of one of these families, so when Shayla was born it caused considerable anxiety for her. It has been implied by some that Titania never loved King Oberon and actually loves Shayla's biological Pixie father, and so takes it her frustrations and anger on her daughter who she views as the cause of her problems, though anyone who says this in front of her is usually put in the dungeon for a few hours. 
The Grand Duchy of Tír
The Faerie Isle and Tír have always shared a close relationship due to their proximity, lucrative trade between the two as each has plenty of a commodity the other wants, and House Maoilriain's open support of House Quinnlee. This support led to the invasion and annexation of the Isle in 2A 996. Now with both under Imperial fealty, the Faerie Isle's relationship with Tír has essentially returned to how it was prior to the Wars. 
The Troll Empire
The Faerie Isle has been considered sacred ground to the Troll Empire since their founder, The First Being, was buried in The Great Hengeupon his death in 1A 7000. As such, the two have for most of recorded history the two have maintained an extremely friendly and mutually beneficial relationship. However, this relationship became strained in late 2A as tension grew between the Empire and Tír, with the Faerie Isle in a precarious position as an ally to both sides. The Fae stated they desired no involve, however despite this statement, The Troll Imperial Legions invaded and captured the island in 2A 996 under the direct orders of the Lord Paladin. See: Imperial occupation of the Faerie Isle.

The Empire was concerned about the loss of life and damage to the Holy Island which would occur should
House Maoilriain actively assist Tír in the Imperial Wars. The island remained heavily surrounded until the end of the Wars in 3A 2, at which point the Faerie Isle was demilitarised. Some of the fortifications are still in existence though, albeit usually in dilapidated condition; the Trollish watch tower in Síocháin City centre (now an Order of Grand Wizards tower) is now one of the city's most famous landmarks. The relationship between the Empire and the Faerie Isle is largely back to how it was, albeit the Isle is under a bit more scrutiny since House Maoilriain's harbouring of Selene Quinnlee was made public. 

To protect the kingdom from Angel raiders, the formation of the The Feathered Watch was ordered by King Alroy I.

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