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The All-Father, King of Kings, First of All Things, The Thin Man, The Lord in Gold, The One Above All, He of Fire and Iron, The Master of the Burning Sands, Father Sun


Current Location
Jak'ra resides at most times in The House of Many DoorsWhen not acting as Chief of the Gods, he resides on The Moon with his wife Amaryllis.
General Description
Jak’ra is the father of all the gods, and god of the duality of being, chaos, military strategy and war for righteous causes, the forge, fire, defence, light, the concepts of royalty and sovereignty, the protection of the innocent and The Original Sun. He rules the season of Summer and represents the ideal of Preservation, both in the form of protecting that you love and removing that which may harm it.

Jak'ra is the oldest and most powerful being in the multiverse, having created most of it.
Jak’ra has many forms, but never enters the mortal realms in his true form, for doing so would break the minds of those who witnessed him and scorch the earth he stood upon. He has taken the form of a gigantic Dragon made of rock and magma, a blind elderly Yeti beggar, a giant harpy eagle, a silver-furred dire wolf, and a white Leviathan. His true form is difficult to comprehend, even when contained within the House of Many Doors, and if viewed in his true majesty it would drive mortal and god alike insane and destroy many lesser beings. His true form, or rather the controlled version, is a tall, thin, disproportionate, roughly humanoid figure which looks as though it is made of solidified black flames and proportionally should not be able to support its own weight. His left arm is thin but humanlike, but he has three right arms which are skeletal, each extremely long and mounted on a complicated shoulder joint. His eyes are golden discs with burning white pupils, and his mouth, which he does not need to open to speak and only opens rarely, is filled with fire. He has no feet and his legs instead end with black flames that billow out like smoke where they touch the ground, and atop his head are two half-moon shaped horns, between which floats an ever-burning golden orb.

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