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Giant islands of floating dirt and stone support people above a hostile ground of disasters, wild magic, monsters, and marauders. The people in the skies above live on the Skylands, catching the windfish that swim through the sky and sailing aboard majestic airships that ride the winds well above the ground below.

This is a world of kings and empires, dragons and elves, navies and pirates, sailors and swashbucklers. With wild trade winds, deep forests and other expansive swaths of nature.

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Orizon Calendar
ArdenDre prije 2 mjeseca
ArdenDre prije 2 mjeseca
ArdenDre prije 2 mjeseca
Vareth Institute
ArdenDre prije 3 mjeseca
DM's Journal
Lil'TLC prije 4 mjeseca
Futuristic Equipment
ArdenDre prije 10 mjeseci
Presli Pilati prije 10 mjeseci
Juniperis Amalthia Willoris
Presli Pilati prije 10 mjeseci
Dryads of Amatzin Glenn
Presli Pilati prije 10 mjeseci
Half Dryad
Presli Pilati prije 10 mjeseci

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