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TODO: Vertically-oriented eyesight like goats. Maybe one eye on the canopy above and one below on the ground. I don't think goats would survive with Kuol around...

Gheheshmat are originally a mountain species which, for the verticality of the bases of the Rootlands, have decided they belong in the forest too. The forest's residents have welcomed them, particularly the Kuol which finds them to be almost perfectly helpless prey for the most part.

In the forest, they have evolved slightly longer legs, highly photosensitive eyes, and an instinct to keep one eye on the ground and one on the sky at all times. Of course, they switch eyes at long intervals, in a violent flicking motion meant to keep predators wary of their long, sharp horns. They have also developed a longer neck than the mountain variety, and a long prehensile tongue capable of grabbing some foods, in order to keep watch just that much better.

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Created by Freiling prije 11 mjeseci. Last modified by Freiling prije 9 mjeseci

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