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Haaru are the dominant sentient race of Bodue. Yes, it's almost empty! Good things are coming here, but I am resisting making too many concrete decisions here yet.


Centaurian resembling gecko/otter/human(?), long neck, related to Kuol

Midlimbs are semi-prehensile, serving as foot or hand as the need arises

Prehensile tail is maybe too much

Patagia may be vestigial - that one's up in the air, so to speak

Adaptable eyes - suited to nearly any biome

Receded fur, expressive faces, extremely dexterous forelimbs, and articulate mouths similar to humans

I've decided against setae, that's overkill.



See also: Stances in Haaru Culture

The added complexity of Haaru physiology means they have access to a wider variety of stances. 


The Low stance commits five or six limbs to a leg role, used primarily in climbing.

Culturally, this is a stance of abject submission.


The neck and upper spine up to the middle shoulder is upright. The forelimbs are kept free for use as hands. 

If there is a need, a single midlimb is generally easy to recruit in an upright posture.

The over-use of the upright stance, most common in civilized cultures, can lead to some spinal pathologies akin to our lordosis, etc.


Only the rear limbs touch the ground. The fore- and mid-limbs are recruited for a hand role. Most often used in combat or aggression signaling. Used in some skilled trades, with the midlimbs serving an ancillary role to the forelimbs. May partially lean on the tail for stability.

Culturally, this is an authoritative stance that is considered boastful or confrontational in some contexts. A speaker will rear up to hold the floor.


The mid- and rear limbs are hyperextended to pull the patagia taut.

During a glide, the spine straightens and the forelimbs are reflexively pulled against the torso. The tail remains mobile for maneuvering.

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