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#💀 (pronounced "Numbskulls") was an AMCL Open League participant in 20__.

It originated as a Meetup of the users of /r/AMCL, a fan site for fans of American Motorized Combat League (AMCL), who assembled the resources and skills to make a team of vehicles and attempt to take them to Democratic Consortium of Las Vegas to apply for the minor league. 

The name is a play on the syntax of the programming language and social app GruNDL. Their name parsed as code would be a declaration of an integer variable named 💀 (GruNDL accepted emoticons in its code). This was based on the reddit meme "More Skulls", which was a reference to Warhammer, but also the logos of the teams in the AMCL Major League, which have a lot of skulls in them. And, I guess they went for a self-effacing thing, pronouncing it "NumSkulls."

Yeah, that was a lot of explanation for very little funny, right? Really, only they found it funny, but that's Redditors for you.

Anyway, they all got sold into slavery in Henderson. It's a funny story. The name of the team was the origin of the term Numskull, which is now used in AMCL culture to refer to a servant or an idealistic idiot.

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