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Teamsters are those who still do trucking work, faring between most of the communities in North America. After massive urbanization and infrastructure austerity due to the disastrous US Invasion of Iran, the roads in most of the country between cities became dilapidated in the early 2030s, and many of the communities along them were abandoned as their economic lifelines were choked off. So only those who travel for a living will know the roads well enough to fare them safely. So the Teamsters, though usually permanently settled in United American Workers' Syndicates, spend much of their time itinerant, traveling North America, c. 2420 CE and serving as guides, smugglers, or sometimes just returning to their roots and moving cargo.

Due to the danger of the roads in North America, particularly in Hidalgo & Dust Bowl, Teamsters often arm and armor their Rig.

As a rule, most Teamsters are members of the The 600s, their interface with Anarcho-Syndicalist self-government. Though some do refrain, they're likely to be anti-social elements, often Outlaws.

Teamsters are considered to fall into three general tendencies of behavior:

Their frequent destinations are:

And less commonly: 

Though they might not be the people in the seats of government itself, they are still the nation of the nation-state of the United American Workers' Syndicates

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