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Fat Fuck in a Big Fuckin' Truck


Fat Fuck in a Big Fuckin' Truck was a super-ultra-mega-smashy-smash hit sitcom that aired on NBCorCBSorABCorIDK for 21 seasons until the timely death of its lead. It is considered one of the four horsemen of the American Cultural Apocalypse, the turning point at which people finally admitted they're just piggies and want their slop.



Toofer (born ____), the series' protagonist, was a fan of two-for-one deals and would say it enthusiastically whenever he found one. As the running joke progressed, it went from purchases of meals too big for him to eat (for a while) to highly impractical things like vinyl siding for his house, which he took advantage of by having his SUV vinyl-sided. Some of the jokes inspired actual products that then became popular in American society at large, with the show's fans as the most enthusiastic consumers.

Toofer is very obese, opinionated, and generally bad at everything. 


In the show's pilot episode, The Revolution Will Not Be Metabolized (S01E01), Toofer redeems a "Buy One, Get One" coupon at his favorite burger joint, Chunky Chungus. He is soon outraged to find that, interpreted literally, this means you do not get a free burger. You get one, because you bought one. Toofer responds by shouting a call to action, at which point various other very fat people throw their burgers at the restaurant's staff. Toofer, in a moment of weakness, hides his own burger during this commotion because outrage doesn't sate an empty stomach.

When Toofer gets home, he is shocked to realize the burger can talk - and he comes with a large side of sarcasm! Toofer and Bogo soon develop a combative bestfriendship, with general burger-related puns and repetitive catchphrases heaped into your eye-trough.

It is later revealed that the BOGO coupon was a scheme on the part of the restaurant's owner Stan, who sought to bankrupt it for a Bankruptcy Insurance1 scam. With the insurance payout, he is able to pay the debts incurred by trying to go bankrupt, repair the restaurant destroyed in the riot, and return things more or less to the state in which they would remain for the rest of the series. 

Bogo smokes a lot of weed


Donatella is an Italian supermodel, PhD astrophysicist and Toofer's doting wife. She has a somewhat combative relationship with the mischievous Bogo, competing for Toofer's affections. She also has really, really, really huge boobs.


Stan is an employee at Chunky Chungus. He was the manager, but the pilot episode's riot causes the franchising corporation to send a professional manager to take over. Stan is frequently shuffled between various humiliating roles in the company. He often gives the key to Toofer's conflicts and problems through his Old Black Man Wisdom. 

Stan and Bogo have a very combative relationship, because Bogo says the N word, and not even in a clever way. Stan and Donatella do not appear in the same scene in all 21 seasons of the show.


Larry is a professional manager from Chunky Chungus' corporate launch team. He has been assigned to Stan's store after episode 1's riot. He and Stan are both aware that he can leave this store once Stan is forced to quit - but Stan has a singularly large severance package in his employment agreement, due to whatever, I don't care. Larry is a caricature of annoying but harmless people, inoffensive to every conceivable demographic, offering the audience a milquetoast foil and excuse to accept the actual assholes who are the main cast.



Toofer lives in Houston and works on an oil rig. This is improbable for a very fat man2. They get a lot of mileage out of that one.

His best friend is a talking cheeseburger, who often talks him into bad ideas. 


Most episodes revolve around Toofer purchasing a new product. Then the product is either so good that it changes his life and he becomes evangelistic about it, or it ruins one aspect his life and he has to deal with the consequences. Bogo teases him either way, and Donatella clashes with his zeal or soothes his suffering. Then, the episode is resolved by Bogo giving a tough-love pep talk, Donatella giving an emotionally literate point of view, or Stan giving Wise Old Black Man advice. Then Toofer usually returns to using his usual products, often delivering a monologue about why that product is good.

Running Jokes

  • Stan has to do a shitty job, but he knows his place
  • Toofer has a new diagnosis
  • Toofer cannot distinguish between wants and needs
  • Larry is annoying
  • The cheeseburger does often irreverent things that cheeseburgers don't normally do
  • Now there is another talking food character and you'll never guess things, probably funny ones
  • Women are actually just annoying
  • Toofer kills or injures a coworker through criminal negligence and is not held accountable

Popular Catchphrases

The series was known for several catchphrases:

  • "You're all right, Toofer." - Stan
  • "Fuck you, [expletive]!" - Bogo to Stan
  • "Whyyy, I oughtta eat you!" - Toofer to Bogo
  • "Go kill yourself, you fat fucking piece of shit." - Bogo to Toofer
  • "Two-fer!" - Toofer
  • "Oops, my boobs!" - Donatella, regarding her Boobs
  • "The burger said it!" - Toofer
  • "Ohh no! I've eaten too much, and it's almost lunchtime!" - Toofer

Cultural Significance 


Starting in the episode Maybe Everyday Means Normal (S04E01), the studio audience consisted exclusively of the morbidly obese, who could be heard breathing in quieter (and occasionally medium-quiet) parts of the show. To many Americans, this simulated the feeling of being around their universally obese peers and families. 

Cultural Representation

The episode The Cheeseburger Finally Sucks The Fat Guy's Dick (S11E06) brought Gastrophiles to the public eye. Once they became aware of the positive reaction, producers assured the media that the representation was intentional.

Media Consumption

The show had an occasionally expository style, directly describing the show's events in the series and episode titles, as if to deconstruct or criticize tropes. But no such thing takes place - instead, a joyless recital of tropes and jokes so obvious that you probably thought of them before the characters said them. Jokes, dialogue, and at one time an entire episode's script were reused without any repercussions to ratings.

Retail Products

The show is notable for having inspired numerous real-world products based on those purchased by Toofer in the show.

Products inspired by the show's episodes include:

  • Two-Let - Two toilets side-by-side with shared plumbing. For families who shit together.
  • Dubdo - "Double-Barrelled Hot Dog", a sandwich (don't @ me) with three layers of bread and two hot dogs. Usually a foot long at minimum.
  • Dodo - "Double-Double." It's four hot dogs. They were running low on ideas by season 4.
  • Double-Wide - A truck or SUV built to occupy two lanes. The cause of The Doubling.


People have debated for eons whether a burger can be racist, and while the answer still eludes us, this series at least gets us to think about it just about every episode.


On the series' network debut, a critical furor arose that the fat protagonist was not as fat as the marketing had implied. Producers issued a public apology and cast a much fatter man to play Toofer. Criticism died down partially, but some voices were not to be appeased. 


  1. Not a thing.
  2. The oil rig part, not the Houston part.

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