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  1. Bilješke

Rabbit's Guide to North American Travel


Rabbit's Guide to North American Travel is a living document that distills the wisdom accrued from generations of The Hitchhiker's Guild Guildsmen. It is intended for the consumption of all travelers, meant to bypass technological barriers to information travel.

Rabbit was a founding member of the Hitchhiker's Guild, but as later authors added to the work she gradually assumed a legendary status, and rumors arose that she was an apocryphal or composite historical character like Homer.

The guide proposes a few principles of traveling safely:

The guide also contains a wealth of practical advice on survival basics, best practices in travel, and estimates of the relative safety of different regions in North America. It was crucial in enabling interstate and international movement and flight after Emergency Interstate Travel Restriction Act went into effect. Allconsumer vehicles by that time had identifying tracking devices, so owning or renting was out of the question for those seeking to stay off the grid.

This work and the Principles therein are foundational concepts to Hitchhiker Culture. Some of the entry-level Shibboleth are seeded from the better-known passages.

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