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Brastures are branch pastures on Mother Lomoi (Boduan) tree limbs, kept isolated for the purpose of allowing livestock to graze. They may extend from trunk to tip, or may just be portions of branches.


Brastures must be isolated to keep livestock from wandering and predators or thieves from entering.

One step in this process consists of removing all hanging or climbing flora like Sagukoye (Boduan Vine) and gravitropic flora like the Tower Fungus. The end goal is to ensure that there are no routes of travel to or from the branch except where designated.

In addition, a Brasture requires protection of grazing and nesting areas from predators like Kuol.

Kuol are visual hunters, and camouflage is often enough to protect livestock from them. However, this can be labor-intensive, so the preferred method is to suspend barbed nets above the Brasture, which deter or snare diving Kuol. Also incredibly labor-intensive. 

Pesh will not drop far, being far less adapted to it than Levosteoids. If there are no nearby branches or structures below, there is no need to fence the underside of the branch.

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