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United American Workers' Syndicates



Headquarters of the settled communities and their ancestors who came from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, attending the International Brotherhood of Teamsters' US Convention 2036 which spurred the The St. Louis Settlement Action and The Teamsters' Rebellion. Formerly St. Louis.

The Government is styled after the organization of the union itself, and originally included much of its national US leadership. That arrangement was only intended to be provisional, but later found to be working just fine for a new city-state, so it was left be. 

The 600s are the former Union Locals, which are the atoms of the Anarcho-Syndicalist organization of civil life, and the interface for individual participation in government.

[Here's where I fall off. I don't know how Unions work so I don't know how such a state would look. I am leaning towards a semi-caste culture with a loose formal government.]

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