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Gary is an insular city-state ruled by a distributed mutual totalitarian regime obsessed with uniformity. Everyone is named Gary, everything is called Gary, and everyone wears gary-colored jumpsuits (not a typo). It's also the name of the nation that lives there, Gary (Culture). The nation is referred to as a singular proper collective noun - "Gary is the people who live in the city of Gary." Get used to that kinda bullshit.

N.B.: This is not a Fallout reference, intentionally. I was made aware that this is a lot like their Vault 108, but no similarity was intended. But I did play Fallout 3, so I must have accidentally based this on that :( Not sure if that counts as plagiarism, since the only similarity is the choice of name and the general concept of uniformity and linguistic poverty. For what it's worth, my own inspiration was writing about Hyperscription (Sigil Magick) and trying to design an antithetical society. 


Gary Uprising

Main article: Gary Uprising

Tensions in the Gary Free State escalated until the Gary Uprising had the entire city in the throes of conflict. The Whole Children were a Hyperscribe collective that participated in this uprising with the use of Signspells. Jaivon Townsend (Gary), then Mayor of Gary Free State, crushed the revolt with security forces and (incorrectly) named the Whole Children as its ringleaders.

Founding & Partition

Construction of Superstructural Dome

Cultural Decrees

After the uprising was quelled, he instituted strict new laws designed to curtail the effectiveness of Signspells and any other form of Sigil Magick. This policy was just the first of many, until the entire city was thrall to a culture of extreme paranoia and totalitarian control.


Present Day


Gary (Regime) strictly controls a replacement rate of zero, to match a population of precisely 10,000,000.


Main article: Gary (Educational Institution)

Attendance at Gary (Educational Institution) is mandatory. Any who fail to complete training are relegated to ReGary (Penal Colony).


Main article: Gary (Culture)

The only culture tolerated is Gary (Culture). Any deviation from Gary is grounds for sentence to ReGary (Penal Colony), or in extreme cases, UnGary (Punishment).


Main article: Gary (Language)

The lingua franca of Gary is Gary (Language). Gary (Regime) had updated the language regularly for a long time, but it is now in a mostly static form.


Main article: Gary (Race)

Gary's genepool has been eugenically engineered for uniformity. Reproduction is strictly controlled by Gary (Regime) to ensure this and eliminate interpersonal differences.

Some genetic defects occur due to overwhelming genetic similarity. Non-viable aberrations are subject to UnGary (Punishment). Those with handicaps are designated TooGary (Race).

N.B.: There are no discernable races in Gary in the sense understood by readers in the second millennium. Gary (Race) is arguably an implementation of the Cosmic Race.


Main article: Gary (Religion)



Main article: Gary (Superstructure)

Gary is a Structural Arcoplex hermetically sealed within a thick concrete dome. The inside surface is an ArSol solar canopy, simulating a diurnal cycle but without any depiction of a sky, sun, clouds, etc. It simply cycles through different shades of Gary (Color) according to the time of day.

Central Complex

Main article: Gary (Central Structure)

The Gary (Central Structure) comprises the center of Gary. It is a Gary-colored cubical structure that serves as the administrative hub of the remnants of the ruling Regime, as well as the core of the city's infrastructure.

Standard Surface Structures

Main article: Gary (Structure)

All other surface structures besides the central complex are identical rectangular cuboids that contain various substructures by level, distributing the city's residential, industrial, infrastructural, and transit facilities in a perfectly even fashion.

Subterranean Penal Colony

Main article: ReGary (Penal Colony)

Below the surface level is a subterranean complex (ReGary) that serves as a penal colony. Penitents are required to observe free citizens via grates in the ground, as a way of learning how to better conform. Citizens are expected to ignore penitents and serve as examples of good conduct. This observation/ostracism dynamic is the primary purpose of ReGary.


Main article: Gary (Regime)

Gary is a state ruled entirely by the autonomic processes put in place by its earlier generations. Seats in government are filled only temporarily, their duties assigned randomly and ad hoc according to work allocation algorithms. The decisions made by the workers are governed entirely by the instructions given to them directly before they perform work duties, with little room for discretion or autonomous choice.

Law & Order

Main article: Gary (Legal Code)

The Gary (Law Enforcement Agency) police Gary to catch people out of line with the Rules. All people in Gary are surveilled at all times, and eagerly report each others' infractions. The worst offenders are subject to UnGary (Punishment), meaning execution or exile.


Main article: Gary (Economic System)


Life in Gary

Gary on the International Stage

Gary is officially at war with Hungary, due to a misunderstanding of the name.

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