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Kepeshnags ("Kepesh's Feast") refers to an historical event, and the holiday celebrating that event by a feast of Gekepeshiyik. The grammatical construction of the name implies the Kepesh as a host, in a manner of thanksgiving.


The story of Kepeshnags's origin tells of a starving society under siege. They ration their food as long as possible until all that is left are some Kepesh, still in the middle stage of pregnancy. Left with no other option, they slaughter and cook them, dividing the fetuses (Yaat) one each among the diners. They find the meal to be so fortifying that they rally and fight off the invaders. The diner who received the runt of the litter, thinking herself to be woefully unlucky, finds herself to be pregnant the next morning. Her spouse is so valorous in combat that he is placed in the now-empty throne of the king, who died in the siege. They attribute their victory and prosperity to the blessing of the Kepesh and her Yaat.


Kepeshnags is celebrated with a feast of Gekepeshiyik, a dish of roasted Pesh in the middle of pregnancy ("Kepesh") with the still-contained fetuses. The fetuses are a delicacy with especial cultural regard, and receiving the runt is considered good luck particularly for young women. Pesh have special cultural significance to many Haaru cultures, as a staple livestock and symbol of fertility.

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