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Historical Figure


Felix Hawkins was a survivalist, former Journeyman and later Rogue of The Hitchhiker's Guild, Commandant of the The People's Army of Arkassouri, the self-styled Guildmaster of Guild Protectorate of Arkassouri, and the first Monarch Of Ozarka.

Early life & Personality

Hawkins was born to Clint Hawkins & Billy Jean Hawkins (née Stoel).

Hawkins was an avowed Anarcho-Primitivist, though often made use of technology himself due to its ubiquity. He was known to have excellent wilderness survival skills even from a young age, often preferring to spend his time in the wilderness than in the company of people.

When Hawkins was around people, his speech was often frenetic, bouncing from one topic to another, and always enthusiastic. He seemed to be excited to connect with people but didn't seem to know how. At other times, possibly due to frustration with this pattern, he would often retreat into sullen silence, saying barely a word to people he knew well.

He was known to talk to himself, but this is not an uncommon pattern in people who spend a long time in the bush alone. He was also reported to have some paranoid ideas, but North America is a dangerous place.

So in context, there's no proof that the man has Schizophrenia, but there is a constellation of symptoms appearing, so it is rumored among his critics.

Work in the Hitchhiker's Guild

Hawkins Apprenticed under Raimundo James, traveling broadly across Southeastern North America.

He reached his Journeymanship in 20__, and resumed travel as an independent Guildsman. He generally did good work, but elders within the guild had worries about his judgment after some strange choices. His approach as a Guildsman was inconsistent, varying between extremes of pushover and hard-case. 

Work in Arkassouri Commonwealth ("Old Ark")

Eventually, Hawkins came to do some work in Arkassouri Commonwealth ("Old Ark"). He successfully overthrew Arkassouri Commonwealth ("Old Ark") by organizing the locals in a guerilla insurgency modeled after Cuban Revolution. This was an extremely popular movement and considered a triumph for The Hitchhiker's Guild.

Critics say Hawkins was in the right place at the right time, and happened to put his face on a revolution that was about to happen anyway. Supporters say that Hawkins has a unique charisma, and that whether or not he actually led the revolt, he was a face of leadership in a time it was needed.

After the The First Ozark Campaign / The Old Ark Revolution, Hawkins was contacted by a Guildsman and asked to return to Bowling Green Chapter ("Swallowed Two Boxes Loudly"). This was nominally for a debrief and so that the Guild could reassess the new situation and come up with a plan on how to gently guide the remnants of Arkassouri Commonwealth ("Old Ark") into a positive future.

Instead, Hawkins refused to return. This was his right as a Guildsman, but Bowling Green Chapter ("Swallowed Two Boxes Loudly") was understandably worried. This already showed warning signs that he was not practicing The Principle of Acceptance, which would dictate that he not consider the region his pet project and flee a situation that was putting him in a seat of power. Instead, Hawkins seemed comfortable being a leader there, even making enough "secretive" comments to out himself as a Guildsman.

Self-styled Guildmaster of the Guild Protectorate of Arkassouri

At this point, Hawkins was visited by a Regulator, who in their early days would give Guildsmen a chance to change their ways after they broke The Hitchhiker's Oath. Hawkins ignored the warnings and surrounded himself with local loyalists. He also retreated into The Ozark Mountains, a wild place where few Guildsmen could match his prowess at movement at concealment.
After laying low for a while, Hawkins reemerged in Mountain Home, declaring it the seat of Guild Protectorate of Arkassouri. This was to be a state guided by the leadership of the Guild, with himself as its Guildmaster. It is speculated that Hawkins thought this would be seen as a statement of loyalty to the Guild, a conciliatory measure that would assure those who doubted his intentions. On the contrary, it made official that he had lost sight of the principles of his oath, and that he must be destroyed.

As a response, the Regulators put out an open bounty among Hitchhikers to neutralize Hawkins. 

The Ozark Campaign

If Hawkins wasn't paranoid before, he was now. He returned to living in the bush in [TheOzarkRange]. His preference for being surrounded only by loyalists reached a fever pitch, until his inner circles were cleared of anyone with any doubts about the right of his leadership. He trained a cadre of the most able among them and declared them to be The Royal Ozarkan Security Agency (ROSA). Their primary goal was to suss out Hitchhikers (particularly Regulators) from the locals and travelers, and neutralize them, preferably via expulsion from the border.

In all, he spent three years waging a secretive counterintelligence campaign (See:  The Second Ozark Campaign) from the wilderness on the newly independent and almost-leaderless region. He did find a good few Hitchhikers seeking to topple his reign, and even a couple of Regulators. Most were simply publicly outed as Hitchhikers and exiled from the region, which is a death sentence at worst and a forced retirement or change of identity at best.

First King of Ozarka

After Hawkins was assured that he had a handle on things, he returned to Mountain Home, now declaring it the seat of the new Kingdom of Ozarka. He proclaimed himself King Felix I, first Monarch Of Ozarka. This was met with popular support, as his campaign in the mountains had given his persona a semi-legendary veneer. 

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